“In My Bedroom Closet Podcast”

For the past week or so I’ve been working on this podcast. Well, “working” isn’t quite accurate, it’s more like I’ve been slacking on it. It isn’t like any of the podcasts I’ve made before, it’s just a very low-effort, low-quality podcast where I talk about shit for fifteen or twenty minutes every day. I did a reading of Statutory on it, which should be posted in a day or two. I’ve talked about nicotine gum, job requirements, shattered glass, and the origin and purpose of humans.

I talk about stuff I know and am informed about (like nicotine gum), but I also ramble about stuff I know nothing about (like chemical weapons), so if uninformed opinions piss you off, this might not be for you. But hey, if you’re more informed about a topic than I am and think I’m a dumbass, correct me in an email, sent to arthurwalterson (at) gmail.com. Or if you have a suggestion of something to talk about. It’s also worth pointing out that I’m almost always speaking in hyperbole. “Politicians suck” turns into “all politicians should be executed”. So don’t take anything I say too seriously.

The podcast is technically called the “In My Bedroom Closet Podcast”, but its original title (which is what I call it in the episodes) is “In the Closet Podcast”. I changed the official name because there’s already a podcast called “In the Closet“, which is hosted by two gay comics. I haven’t listened to it, but I thought I should shout them out since I kind of accidentally stole their name. Speaking of which, I’m not actually gay, despite what the title would imply. I just record the podcast in my closet and thought it would be a funny, if not terribly clever, name for it. Anyway, here’s the podcast on Anchor, which has links to everywhere else. It’s on iTunes, Overcast, and some other places.


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