War, in Summary

I haven’t posted much in a while, but I haven’t been slacking. Among being busy with other stuff, I’ve been putting a lot of work into my “Eastern” project. Not writing, exactly, but a lot of planning. Most of my stories aren’t really character-based, as I’m more of a “plot junkie”. But I plan to take a somewhat different approach in that story, hence the amount of character/dynamic/motivation planning. I hope it’ll be really good. I think it will be. I’m very excited to start writing it.

But before that happens, I’ll probably finish City Intersection. Not sure why I haven’t written that in a while, honestly, because we’re just getting to my favorite part.

Music this time might need a bit of an explanation. I’m a big fan of The Binding of Isaac, and Edmund McMillen, the creator of that series, based the name of one of the bosses off of this song. I listened to it, and loved it.


The soldiers on either side, in parallel, move toward the border in two straight lines.
They meet, each a foot apart from their side of the border. Not the border of a country – though it could be – but the border. The border that separates the two lines, the two models of soldiers, in an arbitrary fashion which none of them truly know.
Upon meeting, they each extend their hands toward their mirrored image – not perfectly mirrored, but close enough; maybe different skin or hair or uniform – and give each other a long, firm handshake. Once it is over, each side knows the other respects them, because they know them. They are them.
They take a few paces back each. Looking at their matches across the border, they prepare, load, and cock their guns. They swing the barrels up, up, to rest under their own chins. The captains of either side – each with their gun below their heads as well – simultaneously order their troops to fire. The two lines of soldiers fall, the last sight of their reflections over the border forever burned into their mind.



2 thoughts on “War, in Summary

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