A Perfect System of Equality

Some people seem to be unable of differentiating between legal equality and personal equality, which I find irritating. People’s (or races’, or countries’, or…) different skills, foibles, weaknesses, and strengths are what make humanity worth anything.

Music this time is the album North Shore by Wooly Mammoth. Only one song from the album is on YouTube (and I believe it’s a live version), so here’s their album on Bandcamp. I’m not even sure how I found it originally, but I noticed that it was on my Google Music account the other day and gave it a try. I’ve been listening to it over and over since then.


Everyone has their baby teeth out by age five. They have their first crush at age eight. Puberty hits them around age thirteen, they have their first kiss at fifteen, and break their virginity at seventeen.
They get married at twenty-four, avoid having children for a few years but (accidentally) conceive their first child, a boy, at twenty-seven.
And the cycle continues.
Now that they’re a bit older, more experienced with the world, they feel the urge to paint their painting at thirty. No one cares, because everyone else is painting their paintings at the same time. Five years later, their novel. Three years after that, they finally pick up an instrument again (they had always meant to, when they were younger, but never got around to it) and, after a few years of practice, actually get pretty good at it.
From age eighteen on, they work at The Company. You know the one. The one where you work. They drive a car just like yours, and live in the same house.
“Equality for all” the state proclaims. This slogan – the only remnant of a “government” that exists, other than the network of supercomputers that still holds things together – is plastered everywhere, on everything.
Their favorite food is steak and potatoes, as is yours. Once in a while (on the days specified by the aforementioned computers) they have a treat of some ice cream after dinner. They gather around the circular dinner table with their two children (a boy and a girl, named William and Sally) and have their meal, talking quietly about the day’s scheduled topic, projected onto the wall.
There are no “races”, there are no “countries”. The earth has been terraformed into one homogeneous land mass. Every hundred square miles has every climate, every ecological system. Humans, a long time ago, had been extensively cross-bred over a few generations, and anyone who had an unbalanced racial background went extinct. Everyone now has an equal percentage of Asian, African, Caucasian, and so on.
Not many people know this but additional, more scientific, genetic engineering went on around the same time so that everyone resembles everyone else. Since all men are named William and all women are named Sally, and everyone looks the same, suffixes (not surnames, of course) were added. But they couldn’t be numbers, because numbers could me misconstrued as values. Instead, they were given thirty-two letter long codes. Your suffix, as you know, is OFPS-WIQN-BNOZ-DRLP-BVWN-EXNL-QONP-UVNC. But you are only referred to as William. The chips implanted in everyone, and monitored by the network, disallow anyone from referring to anyone by their suffix.
It is a perfect system of equality.



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