Not really sure what this is, but whatever. It’s been like a month since I really wrote, I’ve been in a constant state of anxiety about a number of things and busy with even more, so I haven’t really had the time nor motivation to do so. But I’m in Budapest right now (although not really a relaxing trip itself) and wanted to write a little something.

edit: Another story I forgot to provide music for. I’ve never really listened to much Jay-Z, but I loved this new song by him, with a fantastic music video to boot.


I took one last drag and tossed the butt to the ground, crushing it with my shoe, as I stared down the road at the three large buildings a distance away. I longed to go to them, I longed to return to that place, but I turned around.
So many people passed on either side, but there was no connection. Everyone was alone, separate, living their lives in this place. My shoes tap-tapped on the ground that had once been light grey but was now nearly black. A breeze rustled the dying trees, half-empty thin plastic bags filled with the last of their money’s food, and my hair.
A runner came past and I punched him in the stomach.
He began yelling at me in a language I only slightly understood and people that had once been walking past slowed slightly, rubbernecking. I punched him again.
He stopped yelling, curled his hands into fists, and swung. A quick tighten of chest muscles and the blow was primarily deflected. I would’ve taken it, but I knew it would’ve stopped there. He was going to need to be a bit more pissed.
I feigned with my left and caught him off-guard with my right in his cheekbone. Blood rushed to his face and I could feel my own body heat rising. One of the previous walkers approached and put a strong hand on my shoulder. I brushed it off and swung again at the runner.
There it comes, the fist to the face. My nose crunched and I felt that unique, blinding pain. A punch to my stomach from somewhere – maybe the runner, maybe not – and I crumpled to the ground.
Now the prelude was over and it could really begin. The kicks came from all around, I felt a tooth knocked loose in my mouth and I tried to spit it out, a stomp to my head, a bit of a snap somewhere in my ribs. Put simply, they beat the shit out of me.
I may have lapsed in and out of consciousness for a bit. It seemed shorter than I guessed it really was. But, eventually, the kicks decreased in frequency until they completely subsided. Despite having my eyes closed – swollen shut – I could feel the looks of the passersby. I finally got up, gathering the bits of myself that had fallen off, and moved along my way.
I shook the last cigarette out of the pack into a new gap in my teeth and lit it. One more place checked off of my list.


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