The Main Character

Alright, this is that short “story” I mentioned. I could’ve finished it much earlier, but I wanted to have a good amount of progress to report on for the show when I posted this.

And I do. Finished the script, finished recording my lines, and I’m about 1/4 or 1/3 of the way done editing. I’ll be editing some tonight and hopefully wrapping it up tomorrow. Hopefully. I have a fairly large school load this week so it will depend how long it goes tomorrow. But I should hopefully release the episode tomorrow night or Thursday.

This is going to be a long episode.


I’m not the main character.
I’m not the main character of the story. What is ‘the story’, you ask? It’s the story. This story. There’s only one story here, and I’m not the main character of it.
Is it her? That woman there, the one with the red and white dress, the one with her husband – though her furtive glances speak volumes to the weakness of their relationship. Is she the main character? Romance, intrigue, affairs? That would make a fine story, I think.
But what if… What if, in a twist, he was the main character, her husband. What if the story is about him slowly gaining suspicion, and hating himself for it? Hating himself for merely questioning her loyalty.
That seems boring, though. What a self-centered and plot-less story that would be. That couldn’t be it. The story must be interesting.
Mustn’t it?
I suppose it may not be interesting, but then what would be the point? A Seinfeld-like story that is driven by its own lack of story? Maybe that’s it, but I almost don’t want to believe it is, because it’s just… disappointing, I guess. I thought there would be a plot to this story, but if there wasn’t…
If there wasn’t, what’s the problem with that? Doesn’t that make it more open-ended? Does it make the characters in the story have free will instead of being predetermined by the plot?
That really doesn’t matter in the long run. We’ll only know what the story was once it’s over.
“Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards,”  Soren Kierkegaard said, but maybe that doesn’t just apply to life, maybe it applies to the plot. Or is the plot life? Is plot what gives a story life?
This all doesn’t matter, though, my aim is to find the main character. I’m sure I’m not the main character. Who am I to think I am? It would be narcissistic to think so, an incredible act of egotism. No, no, I am not the main character.
But who is God? Is God the main character or is he the writer? Is he either? Does he exist? Would it even effect the story if he did or was? I don’t know if it would. I’m getting away from the point.
Who is the main character, and… Who am I? A side character? A character that doesn’t even exist in the story? One of the unwritten characters of the background that you never learn about? I’d imagine. I couldn’t be anything more than that.
Maybe… Maybe my character is the character who is supposed to find the main character. Maybe that’s my place in this story. That would make sense. I’m already on that path.
Her? Him? I think it must be him. He just looks like a main character; suave, styled hair, a grin that makes all who see him wish to know him better… Yes, it must be him.
But is he? It’s clear to anyone watching him that he is the main character in his own story, but is he the main character of the story? Which story is “the story”? There are plenty of stories going on in every single person’s lives, are they separate from The Story or are they merely minor character arcs?
No, I’m sure now, he isn’t the main character. Who, then? Her? That man there? The one driving the car while reading a newspaper? That could be interesting. Or it could be anticlimactic.
Who am I to choose? I’m not the writer, I’m merely a character within the same story. But is this my role? Am I even a character?
Who am I? Where do I belong?


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