The Next Episode…

No, it’s not out. But that’s what I’m here to talk about.

You know how the last time I mentioned the show, I said the next episode would be “special” or “different” or something like that? Well…

It’s gonna be long. Really fucking long. Most normal episodes are about 13 minutes long on average, this will probably be around 30. But even more than that, it’s going to be a good bit more intense editing-wise.

The script is around 2100 words long right now, and it’s not even finished. Should be around 3000 when I’m done (regular episodes are about 1100 words).

So you can look forward to that. I think that’s going to be what I’m focusing on most writing-wise until I finish it (although I do have a little short story thing I’ll be putting up soon that’s mostly finished). Honestly I’m not sure how long it will be before it’s ready. Probably finishing the script and doing at least some recording by Wednesday, and…

It’ll be a while. But I just wanted to let you all know that I’m not just taking a break from it like I did before the previous episode. I’ll probably give a little progress report on it when I post that short story I mentioned.

And here, check out this pretty sweet mixtape I’ve been listening to a bunch today.


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