Eh, whatever

I don’t know what to call this. To be honest, I don’t even really know what it is. Fiction? Conspiracy theory? Opinion piece?

Eh, whatever. There is it again, that two-word expression of careless dismissal.

Anyway, as I’ve said before with some of my… whatever these things are, this doesn’t really necessarily reflect my actual opinions on anything. I was just thinking about it the other night, thought it was kind of interesting, and decided to write something about it. Hope you enjoy.

Oh yeah, music.

This is a pretty cool album I found a few months ago in a used record store in Philly. There was only one track from it uploaded to YouTube, so I took it upon myself to put the whole album up there. (As you may notice, it’s on the 108.3 YouTube channel.)


There’s something I find funny about this country; about the world as a whole. In modern days there has been much of a release of the long-held religious beliefs, yet, quite ironically, the same blind faith has been transferred over to the governments.
Think about it. For people of nearly any religion, it’s based upon, more or less, blind faith. No one has seen “god”, no one knows that the Bible, Torah, Qur’an and others are true, no one has seen any true proof of spiritual entities; there has been no concrete evidence. It’s an internally motivated compulsion to believe in such things.
Most people wouldn’t say that the trust they put in the government is the same. The government exists right here, right now, they would say. No trust is necessary.
But how many people – civilians, not those supposedly working within the system itself – actually observe the gears of government working in a day-to-day basis? How many people have seen the government actually take effective control over a situation – and know that it actually was the government itself?
They may interpret certain things that happen as being caused by the government, but do they have any proof? In much the same way that religious people will interpret a sick relative getting better – a biological process that happens to everyone – as a “work of god”, could those who trust in government merely be misled?
People will point to the media as proof of the existence of government. “We see government officials on the news every day,” they say, “so it must truly exist and be working for our benefit.”
But in doing so, they put their trust in the media, which, I’m sure most people will agree, is a very foolhardy move.
Have we simply switched our blind faith in the modern day away from the now-antiquated views of religion and spiritual things and into the unseen – and perhaps nonexistent – “beneficial” hand of the government? The mass of people we assume to be in control, though we have no true proof of it?
Has politics become the new religion? Has siding behind a candidate become choosing your god? I started by saying I found this funny, but perhaps that was the wrong word. Odd, perhaps, or more accurately, disturbing.


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