Secret Project Released, and…

To start, this is a pretty dope obscure album my friend showed me the other day:

How about you check it out, m’kay?

Secondly, yeah, I know, I still haven’t released the next chapter of City Intersection. Trust me, it’s coming. Pretty soon, hopefully. I actually just got back from another trip to Philly, and might work in some stuff from that. We’ll see.

Third. I’ve been working on this little project for a few weeks and keeping it pretty hush-hush, but now it’s finally out; the first episode of Neighborhood Watch.

It’s a little side audio show project thing I’ll be working on here and there. Won’t be as regular as 108.3, but I’ll release an episode every once in a while (hopefully).

The fourth thing is that… Notice the URL? That’s right, I now own . Awesome, right?


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