Something a little unrelated


I just posted a video on the 108.3 YouTube channel that doesn’t exactly belong there. I posted it there, though, since it’s based on science (science that usually takes place in science fiction), so it at least fits the genre.

Here it is.

It’s mostly me talking about the more theoretical, conceptual issues posed by the potential for teleportation and time travel. It’s not about how either of those could theoretically work, it’s not about paradoxes or anything, it’s about… well, just watch the video. Bottom line is, the measurements and standards we take for granted (time and distance, for example), aren’t exactly… real. They’re just conventions we’ve come up with over time. So the video is about how that could hinder the possibility of ever having teleportation or time travel.

It’s something I’ve wanted to make something about for a while, and figured I may as well do it now. Wrote, recorded, edited, and uploaded it all in just a few hours, too, so it made a fun little project.

On a side note, third part of Second Death should be coming along this weekend.




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