Peripheral Vision, Epilogue

Well, here it is. The end. I’m kind of sad to see it go, honestly. I have enjoyed writing this story so much.

Just over six months from initial idea to completion. That’s pretty good, I think.

Damn. I don’t really know where I’m going to go from here. Huh. I really haven’t thought about that at all. I’ll keep making the show, obviously, which takes a decent amount of time, but I don’t really know what else I’ll do.

I’d like to edit and prepare for publication Induction of Insanity, Mostly Hidden, Comatose Experiments, and Peripheral Vision, then publish them all in one book. (Which makes sense, since they all take place in the same world and are connected to Mind Pharmaceuticals in some way.)

I’ll also be editing two stories and submitting them to the Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction before too long, also.

New-story-wise, though, not sure. I’m sure I’ll come up with some new stuff before long.

Oh yeah, the “soundtrack” for Peripheral Vision. Here we go:

Feel Good Inc. – Gorillaz: Clyde’s Theme/Mostly Hidden Overture

Ton-y-botel – Thomas John Williams: Thomas’ Theme

Mr. Self Destruct – Nine Inch Nails: Gerome’s Theme

Little Pistol – Mother Mother: Caroline’s Theme

Clubbed to Death (Kurayamino Mix) – Rob Dougan: Stephen’s Theme


I am Michael, and in my final days. I’ve assigned Paul to take control of my money and followers once I’m gone. The world will need him to take my place, soon. Great things are on the rise.
Gerome gave me these pages after finding me in his travels and learning of who I am. He took them from Thomas’ office after he killed him, leaving right before the horde descended upon the building. He didn’t feel like he fit in to the group any more. His personal goal had been reached. It was time for a new start for him, his life would start afresh.
He walked away from the building with a calm determination. He felt washed, in a way. His hands were washed of Thomas’ blood and that of the company at large. He thought back again to that passage from some book he couldn’t remember, a leader washing his hands of another’s symbolic blood. A leader. That’s what he would be, now. He would lead the rebuilding of the world.
Caroline came back to me after she had left Introspect. She returned the money card and apologized that she hadn’t convinced Thomas to do anything major, but she felt proud of what she had done. She felt victorious, though she couldn’t quite understand why.
I knew she had done something. She told me she had made Thomas write her story, and I knew that was a victory in and of itself. That story – this story – would be important.
The world would be rebuilt, before long, with Caroline at the head, and I knew this story would be something important to keep in that world as a view into a time when things went wrong. Perhaps it would hold of humanity’s hubris, for a short time at least. We had all shared a horrible situation in which we lived, and would hold onto that interconnectedness for a few years, perhaps long enough to give some amount of power back to the government and law enforcement. Or just completely recreate them.
I have high hopes for Caroline. She’ll go far in this new world, I’m certain. I’ll be gone soon, but with people like her, the world doesn’t need me any more.


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