Bit of a delay…

Sorry I haven’t posted a Peripheral Vision chapter in a little while, I actually haven’t finished writing the next one yet. It’s been a weird combo of being very busy and being very lazy.

But I have a nice open period of time coming up here, and should get through a few chapters of Peripheral Vision during then.

Also, the second mini-episode of 108.3 will be a bit delayed as well, for a somewhat different reason. That being said… It should be pretty special when it comes out, for a reason connected to that. Just wait and see. Hopefully it might be finished… next week sometime? Hard to tell, as it’s something not fully under my control. (Though I did realize I sent out an email a bit too late.)

Anyway, stay posted here for updates on those two things, which should be coming along before too long.

(I’ve also been in the process of switching some things over to a new computer. Unfortunately, it runs Windows and I prefer Mac by far. If someone could point out a good, free, lightweight word processor for Windows, that would be great.)


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