The Big Release…?

Alright, readers, I’ve got a whole lot of writing to do this weekend. A lot. Including this post, I’ll have four posts of stuff. Four.

But here’s the first episode of the project I’ve been writing about for a while. I’ve been working on it for over a month, actually.

I’d like to point out right here at the start, though, that this project will be more or less separate from this blog and my other writing. (Hence why it has its own website and email. Speaking of the website, it’s still under heavy development.) I’ll probably still make posts here mentioning when I release a new episode, but I’m hoping to make it its “own thing” in a way.

I will also not be posting the episodes on my Soundcloud, even though this one is. (In all likelihood, it won’t be on Soundcloud at all, since there’s a limit of two hours of audio for free accounts.) I’m mostly just doing it for this episode (and maybe a few of the other early episodes) because I’m still working on getting the YouTube and iTunes stuff worked out. I wanted to get this episode out before I finished doing all that just to have something to “show for it”, I suppose.

tl;dr, Basically, the readers of this blog are the only ones who are getting to see this right now. Still working on setting up the website, YouTube channel, and iTunes podcast for the show. Once that’s all worked out, it will be mostly separate from this blog. Feel free to share it with anyone, though.

(Direct link.)

I realize I didn’t actually describe what this is at all. It’s a radio show sort of thing, taking place in an alternate dimension in which all manner of horrible beings has taken control of Earth. I wrote, narrated, and produced it, Eddie Palmer made the background music (see the description on the Soundcloud page for links to his other stuff), and the featured music in each episode is recorded from my massive collection of old 78 RPM records.


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