Watching Us

I’m mostly done with the first part of that project I’ve mentioned, though I’m held up for the time being by something outside of my control. But it will be coming soon.

As well as the next chapter of Peripheral Vision (maybe about 2/3 finished right now). And perhaps another short story sometime around then as well.

This is just a silly little short story I’ve had bumping around in my head for a while, and decided to finally get around to writing. Hope you enjoy.


You get the feeling that people are watching you, don’t you? Not that there’s someone sneaking around, spying on you, but that you’re on display. You feel like you’re an actor in a show, almost.
Don’t worry, I get this feeling too. We all do. And there’s reason for it, certainly. Have you ever looked into a mirror that’s facing another mirror? Of course you have, everyone has. It just goes on forever, right?
That’s what you’d think. But it does end, it does stop somewhere. And where it stops is where that feeling is coming from. Eyes watching us, through the mirrors, deep down in the reflection.
Disregard me, sure. But I know. I know what’s going on here, even if you want to deny it. They are watching us – they, the aliens.

For sale here today we have a lovely suburban family of four members. For five-hundred quedribbles, you can get five scenes in their house; kitchen, living room, bathroom, bedroom, and garage. See the ins and outs of their life! No maintenance required, just set up the view-portals wherever you want in your lodging, and enjoy the entertainment as they go about their lives without a clue, with plenty of examples the human race’s idiocy.
Not really your thing? Here we have a single man, living in a small apartment. He’s quiet but will still provide hours of entertainment if that’s more your level. Views of three rooms are included in this package for three hundred-fifty quedribbles: bedroom, kitchen, and living room. If you’re lucky, you may get to watch him painting or playing a musical instrument, as well, no extra charge.
Our last offer of the day is for a section of a college dorm. Eight loud, dumb, and generally animal-like men in this package. Four action-packed bedrooms, a bathroom, and a small meeting room to view for your enjoyment, all for the snipsnappling price of seven-hundred quedribbles.
Any of these deals sound good to you? Just head on over to our flimp-rot to make your purchase. Remember, only CleerVeeiw view-portals will do for your house.


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