The New God

This doesn’t necessarily reflect my personal beliefs, but the idea for it just kinda came to me (I’m a mathematics and natural science major), so I wrote it down.


“God is dead. God remains dead. And we have killed him.” And our new God is cruel. Science is a dark Lord to revere. It demands human and animal sacrifices to allow us to continue to live. Just when we think we have learned how to deal with it, when we think we can make progress, when we get too cocky about our new God, it kicks us in the shins and makes us worship again, sacrifice after sacrifice, until we can live again and continue our work on earth.
It is a cruel God, yes, but we follow him. A few of us continue to worship the old gods, some play along the edge and worship both, but it still demands sacrifices from us all. If we do not follow its commands, it will plague us with ailments and diseases and cancer and death. If we follow his commands, sometimes those can be stopped or cured, but only if it approves and allows it.
Science is not a fickle God. He rules by logic, and logic alone, but sometimes it is by a logic we do not and can not understand. We make theories about what our God’s logic is. Sometimes we are correct, and are safe, but at other times we are false and are punished for it.
Science is a cruel God.


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