Gaps Teaser

Here it is, as I promised. A little thing I can tell you all about it is that, even though it’s not really evident when or why, there are actually two quite major events that happen within this little clipping of the story.

Anyway, I guess I’ll be back around the first of December!


I drove up to the house at 145 Stairway Drive. It was a tall Victorian-modeled house that didn’t look like it had been much cared for by its previous inhabitants. Paint peeled from the sides and the wooden stairway up to the porch and front door was somewhat lopsided.
I had bought it at a house auction and gotten a very good price for it, though, so I didn’t mind much. I had lived in worse places before.
After moving my filled-car’s worth of belongings into the house, I ate a quick dinner then went to bed. Typically when I sleep anywhere unusual, such as a hotel, I have quite a bit of trouble sleeping, tossing and turning throughout the night and waking up feeling very unrested. This time, however, while I still felt tired upon waking up, I didn’t have any remembrance of insomnia the night before. Didn’t remember anything, in fact, even my dreams, due to the deep sleep I was presumably in. Perhaps this house was just right for me.
I got up and made a cup of coffee to try and eradicate the vague sleepiness that still held me. I downed that cup and poured another, then made two pieces of toast for breakfast. The drowsiness had been dulled by the caffeine, and I was feeling better.
I worked from home, but had taken off the week to get settled into my new surroundings. I began making my way around the house, getting accustomed to the layout and envisioning the uses I’d have for different rooms. As large as the house was, I had been thinking about renting out a room, or an entire floor. It would be a nice boost in income, and I could start fixing up the house with some of it.
The inside was in surprisingly good condition, given the outward appearance. There were layers of dust over everything, but nothing was broken or out of order. It surprised me, but I was glad for it. It would mean much less work for me in making it a livable space.
I came back down to the first floor, where I had spent the night, and found a door under the stairs. I assumed it led to the basement, which I hadn’t gotten a chance to look at during my quick run-through before the auction. I turned the doorknob and pulled, but the door seemed to be stuck. I pulled harder, but it remained shut. I braced myself and pulled again, and the door got past whatever had been holding it shut and opened. As soon as the door opened, the ground shook, but only for a moment before it subsided completely.
I dearly hoped it wasn’t a sign of some structural imbalance. It didn’t matter if the inside looked good, if there was a problem with the structure. But it had only been for a moment, so I thought it must have been due to forcing the door open. I could hope, anyway.
I flipped the switch to turn on the basement lights, but nothing turned on. I turned it off, then tried again. This time, a very faint glow was the response. I made a mental note to replace the bulbs, then headed down the uneven steps.
Only one lightbulb had turned on, an unusually dim one that seemed to be nearing the end of its life. I could just barely make out the portion of the basement that was near it, but nothing else. I could get no idea of how big it was or the condition it was in from this one light.
I headed back up the stairs, flipped off the switch, and closed the door.


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