Just a short little thing that popped into my head. At this very moment, I’m writing another little character sketch/vignette. Not really sure if I’ll do anything with it, or combine it with another little idea jostling around in my mind that might fit well with it. We’ll see soon enough.

Also, a note on time traveling/bending in this; I really didn’t want to make this have some pseudoscience explanation of time travel in this, and thus detract from the story itself, so I’ll leave it up to your own imagination.

Sometimes, I think back to some time in my past and all I can wonder is: Why did I do that? What was I thinking? Why didn’t I just shut up?
The majority of these things were quite trivial things, things I was sure no one but me still remembered. But they still irritated me to no end, and I wished desperately that I could somehow undo them. Silly things like being stupidly bullheaded about something I knew nothing about, and such.
When, by some strange twist of luck, I was granted the ability to go back and “right the wrongs”, I eagerly took up the challenge and went one by one to the grievances that irked me so. I felt that I had progressed beyond such stupid actions, and thereby held the right to rid myself of those previous.
I procured for myself a handgun of quite formidable power, and set out. I brought myself to the first instance I thought of, and disposed of my idiotic past self with a pull of the trigger.
Then again, and again, and again did I go to these past times and washed my hands of my own blood. I thought next of what I regarded as the greatest mistake I had yet made, and brought myself there immediately. I pulled out my gun and pointed it at my past self, but before I pulled the trigger, I felt the cold hard metal of a gun pressed against my head.
I turned around and faced a third version of myself in the scene, one much older than I at my current age.
“You moron,” he said. “What did you think you were doing?”
“Cleaning up my past,” I said.
“These aren’t things to ‘clean up’. These are the things which shaped you, which matured you into what I am now. Trust me, you still need to do a lot of maturing. ‘Cleaning up my past’, you say? That’s what I’m doing, too.”
He pulled the trigger.


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