Notes on Mostly Hidden

Phew. Finished. Honestly, I don’t really know what to do with myself any more. Before long, I’m sure I’ll find some other story I want to work on, but now… I feel sort of void.

Anyway. Mostly Hidden has taken me 6 months. I started it last February, and finished it September 9th. I obviously haven’t solely worked on it, as I’ve released a bunch of other short stories and stuff in the meantime, but it’s been my major focus.

A few notes; this is obviously just my first draft – I literally finish writing it, then post it immediately. As such, there are errors, one of which I pointed out in the intro to Chapter Fourteen (that of Gerard not supposed to know Clyde, even though apparently I said somewhere early on that he had met him), and I’m sure there are some other little errors like that. In doubt, trust what the later part of Mostly Hidden says over what the early part says. I guess those would be my words of wisdom.

For the ending? Well, I leave that open to the reader, though I think it’s fairly obvious that Clyde is way more talented than Michael.

I had initially meant for Gerard to be the main protagonist, and Clyde be the main antagonist (though, of course, there are a lot of main characters). Somewhere along the lines, though, it seemed their roles blended a bit. I guess they still hold those roles, but I’m sure some of Gerard’s character flaws will put people off just as much as those of Clyde. Who knows. Honestly, I’m a fan of Clyde. He’s just so damn awesome. I know, I know, he’s pretty evil. But he’s still awesome.

Some things I’ve read and watched during this time: (some of these have probably shaped the direction and feel of Mostly Hidden, some are probably incidental to it all)

Journey to the Centre of the Earth

The Shining

Baccano Vol. 1


Django Unchained


House MD


A lot of H.P. Lovecraft

Some Edgar Allan Poe

A lot of Welcome to Night Vale (sure, not “reading” exactly, but whatever)

And probably a bunch of other stuff, too.

For some reason, I listened to a lot of swing and electroswing while writing Mostly Hidden. Don’t ask me why, it just fit good.

I also made (or, rather, mixed) these two tracks during the time of writing Mostly Hidden:

If you have any questions about Mostly Hidden (things you’re confused about how they worked, etc.), you can comment below, or email me at

Thanks for reading! Hope it was as much fun for you all to read as it was for me to write.


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