Mostly Hidden, Epilogue

I’ll write a little post soon with some thoughts and notes about Mostly Hidden and stuff. For now, enjoy the end.

Michael rushed out into the street and looked around frantically. Clyde was nowhere to be found.

Clyde had noticed a man he recognized as Gerard’s brother looking at him several times throughout the trial. When Clyde himself had been mentioned in the trial, he had seen a look of horror and rage pass through Michael, and knew he had been recognized.
This excited him, and, in a way, gave him something to live for. A life without plans was nothing, to him, and he had already been thinking about what he’d do next. Michael provided a perfect solution.
He left the trial early, to get a head start, and left. Left the city, the state, the country. He’d go anywhere, do anything. Perhaps he’d have some more fun in different places, make new plans, in different places, while Michael would be on his tail.
He had no need for money. He, of course, had amassed quite a bit from his job position, but had gotten a recent “bonus”, in a way, which would nicely fund his next ambitions.
Snitches get stitches, yes, but whistleblowers get quite the nice little nest egg. It was all information he had gained while he was CEO, observing some things Gerard had been doing in the company even before he got to that position. The data in Mind Pharmaceuticals affirmed what he said, and the authorities believed it. Ah, one couldn’t help but loving the judicial system.

Michael had a feeling about where Clyde was going. And, as he was steadily learning to do, he followed through with that feeling. He wouldn’t stop until he found Clyde and exposed what had really happened.


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