Updates on Mostly Hidden

I suppose I should’ve done some [probably shorter] snippet about this at the beginning of the previous post. Oh well. Perhaps that’s for the best, because if it had been “[probably shorter]”, I wouldn’t really have been able to say much more than:

“I’m back writing Mostly Hidden, and a new chapter should be out before too long.”

I know I wouldn’t be happy with something that short, though I’m sure all of you, the ghost audience that I entrust with my surprisingly tortured words (I know that, but most of you probably don’t), that doesn’t really exist. Or do you? I don’t really know.

Anyway. Here we go.

I stopped writing Mostly Hidden a little while ago (actually, exactly the moment after I posted the previous chapter), for personal reasons. Basically, stuff happened, and I had to deal with it. 

No, I suppose I can’t contribute that solely to my stopping writing Mostly Hidden. I stopped before that happened, even though I knew it was going to, but, truthfully, I’m not entirely sure why I stopped.

All that to say I have started again, with a rather strenuous plan for continuing writing it; I hope to finish writing it by Sunday the 13th of September. I think I can do it. Quite sure.

Anyway. A lot of shit has to happen in the following ~5 chapters (just a rough estimate based on the amount of plot points) to get to the end.

I’m literally writing Chapter 9 right now, and I hope it might be out by… this weekend? We’ll see.

So, summation; check back here regularly, if you would, for upcoming chapters of Mostly Hidden. I really think this is probably the best thing I’ve ever written, aside from maybe A Note, or The Well. I dunno. There are a lot of things I’ve written that I’m somewhat egotistically fond of. But I really do think this is maybe the best thing I’ve done.

What a stupid summary that made. Basically, more Mostly Hidden will be coming out soonish, and the conclusion isn’t too far off. After that, who knows?

((ooh, maybe that awesome story I planned last winter))


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