There are three major points-of-view.

  1. Typically shown with words like “I”. I often write in first person, since I feel like I can more naturally work the thoughts of the character in it.
  2. Typically shown with words like “you”. It isn’t really used much, and you know that. You know it very well. It sounds sort of weird, you think.
  3. Typically shown with words like “they”. Probably the most common POV in fiction, or at least neck-and-neck with first-person.

But we all know all of that already. What I’m more writing about, here, is that I’ve noticed that, in the end, they’re really all the same. They can all be put in first-person.

Third-person (and “second-person”) have a narrator. Even though, most times, he doesn’t address himself to us, he is still the narrator, and, technically speaking, a character. The most important character, really. With third-person, he is typically just a third-party of sorts to the story, namelessly watching and reporting on all that goes on.

With second-person, he’s a little more personal. He addresses you, and, in a way, you are him. He says what you’re doing, just as you’re doing it.


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