The Lurker, Death

Just a random little something that I realized I had forgotten to post.

I can hear him! There, beyond the locked door, can’t you hear?
He is death. He hunts me, day and night, getting ever closer. But I never know how close, no, because he creeps softly. He sneaks towards me.
There! Did you hear the creak? And there, that rattle at the window. He comes, he can’t wait for me any longer.
The material obstacles I put in his way do nothing to stop him, but he shakes a doorknob, lets a footfall sound audibly, just to let me know he he can’t be stopped; teasing me with the idea that anything I can do would hold him back at all.
The sounds stop, and the silence is even more terrifying. He approaches, now, but from where? None may know.
Until he strikes. I am his prey, and fall, and am now at peace. The trap has been sprung, the climax passed, and now is only the resolve, the slow, indistinct fade from existence.
And I realize this was what I wanted all along. I did not fear his coming, I feared accepting my deepest goal: oblivion. It would be viewed as weak, pathetic. But it was what I wanted, and that hidden coal had been reached. All I had do now was float down that river onto my new existence.


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