If you’ve been reading my stuff for any amount of time, you may have noticed that in recent months (I’d estimate the past eight or so), my style has changed somewhat. Or not style, exactly (though, as always, that continues to develop and (hopefully) improve with time), but more subject.

I have found myself writing (and reading, actually) less and less “science fiction” and “fantasy” and more… I don’t know what. I suppose some of it could fit in as “speculative fiction”, though this is only a label that partially describes some of my stuff.

I don’t really know what the genre or anything would be. A lot of it focuses on psychological aspects of things and characters and stuff, but that doesn’t completely explain it. Some things are more horror, some are more gothic, some are more “real”, some are more “science fiction”, some are more “fantasy” (or a blend of these or more).

That being said, a lot of my best stories that I have [almost] completely planned out are either science fiction, or fantasy, or a blend of those, or something different altogether. I guess it’s mostly just my shorter or more spontaneous stories that tend towards the direction I am talking about here.


Also, while I’m writing this non-fiction post about fiction, I’ll add this other thing I’ve been thinking of saying for a while.

Some of you may have noticed that I don’t have many female characters in my stories, and none of my main characters have been female. (It’s worth noting that, in Saga of Fourteen, it was actually somewhat purposeful, as there are only two queens on a chessboard, etc.)

Honestly, it’s because I, in general, don’t know how they would react, act, think, or speak. I try to get inside the heads of my characters (especially given what I was talking about above), and I can’t really do that for females. That’s all.


(On a side note, I should be posting some more writing soonish. Stay tuned.)


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