Things Unseen

Another in my rapidly expanding series on the horrors of uncontrolled darkness.


The mind, in the middle of the night, while interrupted from its sleep, is susceptible to abject horror of the most hideous kind. Things that, while awake, would seem silly, or even idiotic, are expanded and made real in these dreaded times.
Even as we look back on the times when we have been, rightfully enough, terrified of those unknown things which lurk in the shadows behind us, or under our bed, or in the dark, quiet outside, we scoff, saying that they were but fancies, that we weren’t quite awake.
But what if we were more awake then, at that time when we are placed so delicately between consciousness and lack thereof, then we are during the day. What if our awareness of what could be is so accurate and feeling at those times that we truly do know of what the shadowed things are, versus our foolish courage during the day, when most shadows are dispelled, for the time being. They will return, with the darkness, and the moon, and strike back at us for our stupidity.
The mortal body and mind cannot defeat those ageless things which creep up around us at all times in the dark, whether stumbling awake with the terror of reality, or in a numbed sleep, our guard carelessly let down.


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