[DB] The Skull

Well, make that three posts in a row of Deathblack dreams. While this one may not seem particularly frightening (nor is it written terribly well), I’d say it was actually, in the dream, more frightening than some of the other DB dreams. (By the way, the past few days, I’ve been more active-than-usual with writing, so there is more stuff coming.)


Four horrors, that I would live through, dream through, and survive. They were of the north east and west, and south east and west. The first horror would be the greatest, and they would diminish after that.

A demon hand reached up from a crevice in the rock. The skin was a strangely textured red, and the fingers led up to blackened nails going to a point.
On the arm was a cloth gauntlet of sorts, with a crude drawing on it of a blocky skull.
A righteous arm struck down that arm with its sword, accidentally releasing the cloth skull to the wind.
As the demon arm and its owner fell, it imparted a portion of its spirit into the skull.

The cloth skull drifted on the wind, looking for something. It didn’t know what. Something it could eat, something it could feed on, something it could destroy.

I stood in a large room, with a group of children. I had come… for something. I was drawn there, I suppose, by a feeling of dread that surrounded the place. But when I had come in, there was nothing different, that I could see.

The skull, by some means, had found a perfect location for what it was looking for. Children. All of them, held in a room. None could leave, and all so filled with life! It was perfect.

Something caught my eye, floating in the air in the corner of the room.
I walked closer, gently moving children out of my path as I went. What was it?
Then I could see. A ragged piece of cloth with a demoniac skull drawn onto it.

It drifted over one of the children, levitated above his head for a moment, then plunged down to cover it.
The boy laughed, saying, “How does it work?” He thought it was a puppet, I supposed.
Then the cloth crumpled, taking the boy’s head with it, in a sickening crunch. A spray of blood covered those children who stood around him, and panic struck. No one but I knew what was really going on, but they all knew it was bad, and were trying to get away.
I took one of the children closest to me by the hand and pulled her away, wishing to somehow save one of them at least. The skull drifted closer, but then there were more. Somehow, there were more of the skulls – not on cloth, like the first, but drifting through the air with a goal to feed like it.
Screams rent the air, and blood covered the floor.
I pulled myself and the child toward a corner, wishing to be able to see all things around me.
An arm reached through the wall, as if it did not exist physically at all, and grabbed me by the throat.

The first horror was done.


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