Alchemy Propis

Don’t take this as an indication that anything with the Unknown Alchemy Story will be coming out soon, or, even, anytime. That being said:

Alchemy can be performed in one way, and one way only.
It is the transfer from matter, into energy, into matter again, in a different form. This is proven by the fact that matter and energy are equivalent, and can be switched from form to form easily.
There is a price to be paid in the conversion, though, according to this equation:
k  = (300-d)/300
An example:
Turning 100 grams of hydrogen into gold will turn out a profit of 74 grams of gold.
.74  = (300-78)/300
Obviously, though, if a form of energy can be applied (in Joules), this “price” can be decreased, or even reversed. :
e = m*c^2*k
if 135.135135… * c^2 Joules are applied, the result will be 100 grams of gold. If more, the product will increase.
e = mc^2
m = e/c^2
Mr. Einstein was not aware of this possibility, though his equation of relativity is still correct, and referred to by alchemists as the “common law”. Common, referring to a common element, the difference, obviously, being zero, and “k” then equalling one. For this, some use a candle (see below) since it is an easily portable source of energy.
The alchemy is first initiated by the alchemist by a “starting” burst of energy. This is often provided by a flame, hence the candle.
Alchemy can only be performed after an alchemist knows the ingredients he is using completely. He does this by studying, through common chemistry, the elements. Even while performing the alchemy, he must recognize every atom and molecule of the substance to be able to do it. It is controlled by the mind.
Quite often, though, the alchemist is not using one pure element; he is using a molecule or a conglomeration of molecules. For this, the equation is e = m*c^2*k*k * (as many instances of k there are)
It may also be noted that if the ratio of elements in the molecule are, for example, 2-3, then the equation will be turned into:
e=m*c^2 * (1/2k*1/3k)
Obviously, it is much less effective. Let us presume that he is not using 100 grams of pure hydrogen, but, instead, 100 grams of pure (without any minerals or contaminants) water, and turning into gold:
.282433 = .5*.74  *  .7633
e=m*c^2 * .282433
28.2433 grams of gold

The energy goes into the surroundings, or more technically, the universe as a whole.


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