[DB] Test

Just a dream I had the other night. Sorry for being absent for a long time, again, but I wrote about why a few (or was it the last one?) posts ago.

I shuffled forward down the line slowly for a moment, before stopping as another person took the Test. I looked at the long table to my right, which had been laid out with medical equipment, from around the 1920’s by its look.
The line crawled forward again, and I leaned over further to my right, to see how many people there were left in front of me.
Three. Three more.
I had initially just seen a sign on the building I was now in, saying something about an “Entry Level Medical School Exam”. Intrigued, I went in, and joined the already long line. I had been waiting for almost half an hour so far, and was anxious to get in, not as much for the actual chance to do it (since I had no real idea what it was), but just by the fact that I had been waiting so long for it. Somehow the length of that had grown my eagerness to do it.
The line shuffled forward, and I stepped forward. Another five minutes, and it did so again.
And then I was the last one. I stepped forward and looked at the spectacle before me, on a table.
A corpse, ripped open from head to foot, blood pouring over onto the table, large portions of the insides missing. I looked up at the young woman standing behind the table.
She smiled blankly at me, holding a scalpel in one hand and a jar in the other. She thrust both towards me, not moving any part of her body but her arms, still with a frozen look on her face.
Light flashed across her eyes dimly. I took the objects, looking to her for instruction.
“Remove an organ.” She giggled. “Or, really, anything. I don’t know how many organs are left!”
Somehow, in my stupor, I managed to follow what she said. I sliced out five longish white things, that I took to probably be tendons. I put them in the jar, and somehow, in putting them in there, I managed to get enough blood in there as well to cover the tendons. I screwed the lid on the jar, still in a daze.
I don’t know where the scalpel went. I held onto the jar. The woman looked up at me. “You have to give it back.”
I gave her the jar, reluctantly.
“Next!” she called, and I walked away, giving up my place to my successor in the line.


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