The Box

The story of Pandora is well known. In the time before time, she opened a box that was not meant to be opened, but was nevertheless destined to be. Out from the box poured pestilence, illness, death, thorns, demons, and all else in the world that is evil and cruel.
As the story goes, seeing what she had done, she bottled it up again, trying to undo and stop what had happened. This much is true.
The story continues falsely, saying that she failed in that aspect. That all evil from the box was let loose that day, and that Pandora could do nothing to stop it.
This is not what happened.
The box had only been opened for a moment, long enough for her to see the malevolence contained in it, and to close it again. She assumed that all had been let out of it, but only the beginning of it had, like stale air being released from a grave, yet the body still lurks inside.
The box, which had been unfortunately entrusted to her, now with its ‘stale air’ removed, was viewed as a sign of shame for everyone, especially Pandora.
It was buried in the earth, hidden, so both gods and man would no longer see it.
The box remained there, for thousands and hundreds of years. Ironically enough, decay and rot never touched it, worms and mildew never reaching it.
It was then re-discovered. None but few remembered the story of Pandora, and the box which had so infamously unleashed evil on the world.
The box beckoned to mankind in the time when time was almost gone, tempting them to open it, to find what was inside.
And they did.
And the ‘body of the grave’ came tumbling out.
All that had been seen as bad and evil before was now small. Unseen forces slaughtered hundreds a day, volcanoes sprang up across the earth, earthquakes of forces previously never matched struck every day.
Just when humankind thought they could bear with another thing, something worse happened.
But then, the end of the world came, brought on by the curse as if the world could bear it no longer.


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