So, you know how a while back, I posted some links to my other blogs, laced with the surprise knowledge that it was, in fact, I that ran them, and that you should go check ’em out?  (Here’s the post I’m talking about, if you don’t.)

Well, this post is like that, kinda. Except that the owner of the blog isn’t me.



It’s run by my friend (probably best friend!), Andrew Vochman. He’s epic, and a good cook. He’s basically the only one that will make me eat during days that I’m on a writing streak.

That being said, I am (or was, for the first few days) the creator of the site. He’s good at cooking and stuff like that, but not good with computers/social networking stuff.

If you happened to see his “About” page the first day it was up, actually, I wrote a (joking) thing about me being the runner of the site.

Of course, he quickly changed that. But anyway, his blog is here:

Check it out! It’s pretty cool.


The main reason I’m writing this now, not when he started the site, is mainly that he and I might be teaming up, because I suddenly got a cooking/food-related story idea, and wanted him to be part of it (partially because I’d probably get everything wrong otherwise). Of course, as I posted about recently, I won’t be posting it anytime soon, if we do it, in any case. So we’ll see.

But in the meantime, check out his stuff, and subscribe, and all that.


One thought on “Shoutout

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