[S] Caamana

So. That’s right. I said, since I had finished all that other work I was doing, I’d be writing and posting more. How long did that go for? A few weeks?

Well, that time of paradise is over, sadly (somewhat). I now have a full-time job, and, as a result, don’t have much time to write or post. But I still will when I can, which will probably be weekends.

And, since this dream post is short, I’ll be posting two today!


Caamana, or so I have called him, is a creature that resides in The House. He, or she, though I don’t think that it is either, in fact, is a long, sleek creature, shaped similar to a cat, though, instead of fur, having smooth, hard, green scales or plates on its body, similar to those on common representations of “dragons”.

He, as I will refer to him, speaks in my mind, and is who I mainly converse with in The House, though there are others. He is, as some lesser thinkers may call him, my “subconscious”. He allows me to tap into the deeper recesses of my mind, which I am not always so easily able to get into.

He is the one who I can always speak to. He is I.


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