[S] A House, Continued

As I wandered through The House, talking with its inhabitants, I decided to walk out from under the canopy of the inner house, and into the field-like area surrounding it, filled with the warm yellow-orange glow.

I knew The House is, was, and will be endless, but I knew also that exploring it would be well-thought. I crossed those fields, talking with one of the inhabitants of The House all the while. The air was neither warm nor cold, nor was there any breeze, and I found the situation as a whole to be very calming.

I cam to an area that was different, after a time, what seemed to be a ring around the entire field, and therefore encompassing the inner house. The ring was as a steep ditch, with walls of stone, filled with water. The water came from pipes from a ways up, the water cascading down into a subset of the ditch, a circular pool.

What I also had noticed, as I walked, was that, while the horizon, if that were what it was, never got any closer, it did not get further away, nor move in any way perceivable. It was as though the area of The House grew as my field of vision expanded upon it, never letting me see out of its boundary.

The ring of water seemed to be a boundary of sorts within it, as was the inner house.


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