[DB] The Armor

Hey, I never said that I wouldn’t post any more dream stories. Just that I wouldn’t be solely posting out of my backlog of them.

I had this dream the other night, and in it, there was quite a bit more of a complicated story. Unfortunately, though, I forgot most of it.

A vision. A man, his arms outstretched, dying.

Little I could have known of the gravity of it.

My consciousness hovered, not taking a physical form, but watching everything. A man in armor. A hero, some thought of him as. Someone that could save them, protect them with his power.

Others envied his power, wished for it themselves.

But armor like that could not be made by human hands, and could not be taken from the man unless he or his body wished it.

A cunning man, whose name I do not know, devised a way that he may gain the power of the armor.

He poisoned the man of armor, causing him to vomit and pass out. He brought him to a place where he strapped the mans arms down, outstretched.

He took a sample of the man’s vomit, added in a puree of human body parts, and added an intensely caustic and poisonous liquid. He put all of this into a syringe, and injected it into the foot of the man.

Instantly, his body rejected the armor. It was thrown to the side.

A combination of the new exposure to air and the poison caused his skin to split open, revealing muscle and tendon, bone and organ. He bled out, dying, his arms outstretched.

My consciousness wished to vomit, to turn away. But it could not, and I was forced to look on.


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