[DB] [DS] The Black

You all will be glad to hear that THE HIATUS IS OVER. That’s right folks, I’ll be back to my regular[ish] posting!

To kick things off, here’s a short dream story.


I was in the caverns beneath the museum, wandering, as I had done, so many times before. I never reached the end, yet ever strived for it.

The pits and peaks of the stalagmites were deep and tall, and the shimmering of light coming from beyond in the cavern shed no light in the in-between spaces.

I stepped into one, accidentally, and tried to continue to clamber through.

I looked at the leg that was in it. Not only shadow had been cast on it, but Black was spreading up it, reaching arms up my body, taking me in, making me part of the shadow.

I came up from the dream into The House, the in-between house for Dreams and Reality. Wishing to remember this, and not wishing to disturb my body from its semi-sleeping state, I etched the words “The Black” into one of the white, possibly alabaster or marble, columns which were in the Inner House.


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