Not sure where this story/musing thing fits, really. Dreams? Or Assorted Stories. No, maybe Theorems. Or might it just be Random Writing?

Who knows. I guess I’ll just put it in all of the above categories. Anyway, only a few more weeks until I get back to writing and posting regular[ish]ly.


As we fall asleep, the feeling of falling that we experience is the sense of our consciousness being pulled away, apart from the world we live in. As we do, we realize that we are always moving, and have not been aware until we were disjointed from that which was moving.
We drift back from our world, our consciousness always looking back, looking back to where our body lies, unconscious to all else. We drift back, falling into the empty space beyond.
Where it goes, we do not know. Perhaps our dreams are merely the delusions of our consciousness, perhaps they are real in the sense that they happen in another dimension, world, or time, and we only pulled along in half-forgotten memories as dreams.



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