[U] Birth of Another, or, Amily

Here’s one of my longer dream-stories, and one of my favorite that I’ve written so far.


I was in the company of many of my fellow great scientists, the greatest among us, me. We were in the search for knowledge, or even merely evidence that it was possible,  pertaining to the creation of a human, or at least something similar to a human.

As the eight of us were in the search for this, we travelled from place to place.

I was the only one of us, and this is why I say that I was the greatest among us, who was able to actually create a human.

But I suppose that I should give some preface to this. I had been lonely my entire life, and was considered by many to be an outsider, and possible quite insane. Beginning in my former years, I wrote, and had continued doing so even through my scientific experience and research. But I began to think about marriage, and, after being rejected many times by potential wives, I realized that, perhaps, no woman of natural life would be suitable for me, or I suitable for her. After realizing this, I plunged myself deeper into my studying, fueled with a goal to which I was going.

That is when the first Contact came. I had merely been doing daily tasks when a sight, or feeling, or vision, I know not which, came over me, and I instantly saw, for that is the closest thing I can call it, space, a deep, black area. In this, though, there were The Gods. They had seen me, and known my wishes. And they gave me the first true knowledge of how to make a living being.

After I came out of this vision, I knew that I would be the one, possibly the only one, to ever create a human.

With my fellow seven collegues, I travelled far and wide on our planet of of ——–. There were those, however, that despised us for our pursuit of creating life.

We were in an alleyway. I drew something that came to my mind, a series of interlocking shapes which created a dome. I didn’t know what it was at the time, but I had felt that I needed to draw it. I showed it to the other scientists, but none of them knew what it was either. We began to walk out of the alleyway, but found, in horror, that an organized effort to kill us had been brought up by the species of the planet. In the third-person view that I sometimes had, the eyes of The Gods, which I occasionally had since I had the first Contact, I saw that they were in ships shaped like what I had just drawn, and in a formation much the same. We had several weapons with us, all of archaic origin, and I went into the alleyway, which lay beside a small inn or pub that we frequented. As I took them, though, Contact came yet again.

This time The Gods actually gave me the components for the body. Floating out in space, brought there by The Contact, I assembled the human. But a soul could not be created so easily, and The Gods did not give me a soul, but allowed me to share my soul with the human, who I had formed into a young woman, with short-cut, violently red hair. She was almost my match in height and build, being tall and slim, and I saw her as beautiful. As she opened her eyes, beautiful, innocent, grey eyes, the Contact ended.

But I knew that it was not the end, not for her, who I named Amily.

Something must have been seen, showing the true power of The Gods, and the aliens, to us but not the planet, left.

My fellow scientists looked at me eagerly. I told them what had happened, and what was needed to construct a human. I did not tell them of my reasons for creating a human, or that she was female.

I took my leave of them, wishing to be alone when I found Her. I knew that The Gods knew where I was, and the fact that they had facilitated me in creating a human convinced me that they knew of my wishes to find her.

As I went to my labratory – I knew of no other place to go, so I went there – I was brought up by another Contact. Amily and The Gods were still there, yet Amily was still naked, her pale form seeming to glow in the dark of space. I chose for her, creating it in my mind with the power granted me by The Gods, a long, pure white blouse, which fell nearly to her knees. I put it on her, for she seemed unable to do so herself; her soft, luminous body was docile and, while clearly alive, primarily unresponsive.

She floated in space, her vermillion hair billowing out, though there was no wind, no air.

I wished to know if she was sentient. The Gods told me that she wasn’t, but could be. They told me to kiss her forehead. I went forward and tenderly held her neck while I kissed her forehead.

As the kiss was finished, sentience had certainly come upon her. She looked up at me, questionlingly but lovingly. I told her that I was her creator, and that she was Amily. She seemed to understand, but didn’t speak.

I took her by her delicate hands and helped her walk and run and dance and skip and leap. But still she didn’t speak, though I could tell that joy flowed through her.

I asked The Gods what it was. They told me to kiss her lips, her mouth, and she could speak, could talk and laugh and sing. She came forward to me eagerly, knowing of what would happen.

We took each other in each others hands and I kissed her lips. Her lips, so tender, soft, heavenly. The softness of her body was naught compared to her lips, which were softer than air itself. We held the kiss for a long time, never wanting it to end. Finally, we were one. As we pulled away, looking into the deep pools of each others eyes, she spoke.

She told me, in a light and angelic voice, that she embraced her creation, her name, and her creator. She loved all three.

We drifted in the recesses of space in each others arms, never wanting to let go. The Gods told me that the Contact would soon end. I asked them how I would bring Amily back with me, into my home, my world.

They responded by saying that we only had to remain as we were, wrapped in each other, and we would stay together.

A sudden change, the Contact ending, and we were alone, in the labratory.


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