[S] A House

I guess I should tell all of you readers this before you start to wonder if I’ve died or something. I’ve been very busy for the past few weeks, and will continue to be so for the next ~2 months. I have, however, written up several of my dreams, and will continue to do so, so I won’t be completely absent during this time. I’ll get around to posting them sometimes.

Basically, though, I won’t be posting anything related to my major sagas/series/etc. After these two[ish] months are over, though, I’ll have a lot more time, and will be able to write a ton and I’ll be posting tons (hopefully) of stuff.

Anyway, here is another of my dreams (a very short one), taken from a Semidream (hence the [S]).


There is a house, or building, that has been discovered recently. It can be used to store memories and scraps of information, both from the worlds of ‘reality’ and of ‘dream’.

It is very large; for the outside has never been seen or discovered; the inside is all that is known. The style of architecture it is comprised of is similar to that of the Greek; indeed, from one perspective of it, it looks as though a Parthenon made up one part of the building, all contained inside a much larger area.

If one walked out, through the columns of the internal building, into the grand and strangely-lit courtyard of the larger and encompassing building, and looked to the ceiling, that one would see a false-sky of sorts, seeming close yet in reality far away, unimaginable lengths away for the size of the house is unfathomable.

My memory fades, yet still I can go to that house of memory and learn and teach my knowledge to it, to store forevermore.


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