[DB] Deathblack

Here’s another from my dreams. I guess I’ve never really told all of you readers, but I dream a lot. I guess I just typically don’t actually write about them. I’m thinking of changing that though, and storing more of my dreams and semi-dreams on here. Some of the exactness may be sacrificed for the sake of continuity, but I’m just going to chalk that up to the nature of dreams.
I think I might define a few terms here, though, for the dreams.
Blackdeath dreams are horrific dreams of murder, death, torture, and gore.
Death Swamp dreams* are dreams that specifically happen in Death Swamp.
Unaligned dreams are dreams that don’t necessarily happen in Death Swamp, and aren’t horrific [enough] for Blackdeath. This is probably where the majority of my dreams end up, though how many of them I will actually write about is another matter. Death Swamp and Deathblack dreams are important enough to always [ish] write about, but Unaligned dreams aren’t necessarily that.
There is another type, which I will call Semi-dreams. These usually happen sometime when I’m either just falling to sleep, or have just barely awakened. I’ve actually already posted one of these, and I titled it The Void.
*Just for the record, though, technically the majority/all of my dreams happen in Death Swamp.

A note about this one: I modified this so that I wrote it from the other person’s perspective. In the dream itself, I was actually the…ehh…creepy person.

As I became conscious, he was there. He was always there; I had never been anything but conscious. We walked together, through his garage, into the room beyond.
As he guided me through the door, I knew something was different this time. I had been in there before, but before we were yet in again, I knew something had changed.
He had been aberant, as long as I had known him, but I could tell that this was different.
We stepped through, and, before seeing the rest of the room, my attention was drawn to the first of the horrors. Two small monkeys, each about a foot tall, sat side by side to our right, skinned and removed of most of their flesh. In most areas, the white of bone shone, bu there were places where a bright, livid red of recently-alive flesh. But as soon as we saw them, or, they saw us, they moved. Not falling over or a natural movement like that, but the movement of something still alive, the motion of a living animal scurrying away.
An expression of horror came across my face, and he saw it.
“Oh, don’t worry. I don’t kill them. I get them when they’re already dead.”
That statement, which I supposed was meant to console me, did just the opposite. Dread crept into my soul, but I couldn’t help but follow him, tranfixed in a state of shock.
He led me forward, off the small ramp that led into this smaller room. I followed, unable to do anything else. I saw the monkeys again, where they now sat, still side by side, against the far wall. In front of them was a similarly skinned and semi-cleaned body of a squirrel, but it was obviously older, and much of the once-red flesh was now discoloured and rotting off. Then I saw what haunted me the most yet in that room: a human arm, severed at the elbow, skinned, but still with the majority of the flesh intact. Averting my eyes from that, I came across another gruesome sight; namely, a human body, grey, cold, lifeless on the ground, with bones pushing away the skin at odd places and angles. I retched, bile filling my throat.
“Why,” I started, “why, J-”
He cut me off. “Writing is stressful work. I need to come out here and take out my stress upon the bodies. I get them at the morgue. They let me have them.”
He started towards a door to the left, I followed, eager to be gone from the room, from the place of his horror.
A plank of wood made a simple ramp leading down to the ground below. I followed him.
“I bury them out here,” he said.
And in that instant, I saw him digging a long rectangular hole in the earth, three feet deep, and setting three of the corpses within, then covering them up with the earth that he had removed in the digging, barely a foot of earth covering the topmost body. Then I was back again, standing with him, looking at the area that I had seen him hide the cadavers in. I saw a ruffling of the earth, with a sickly green mass oozing up from below. The flesh of one he had covered in the earth.


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