Some Connections

I suppose it is time to officially put links to some of my other blogs on here.

I have a LEGO and Bionicle related blog (If you don’t know what those are, look them up. I have actually posted about Bionicle before, in Random Writing here) that can be found here. It is surprisingly popular, for some reason.

I have a Death Swamp blog that I use as a sort of wiki for Death Swamp (for more information on Death Swamp, look here) that is located here. I don’t update it very often, but it has around ninety pages with information about Death Swamp.

I hope you all check out these other blogs. I’ll be putting links to them on the sidebar of the site.


One thought on “Some Connections

  1. […] knowledge that it was, in fact, I that ran them, and that you should go check ‘em out?  (Here’s the post I’m talking about, if you […]

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