Horror of Dark

It had seemed like a fun idea at first. I had never taken a shower in the dark before, nor had I heard of anyone else doing so, so I thought I’d try it out. I undressed, turned on the water, and started some celtic music before stepping in.

The water was already hot, and I relaxed in it. I hadn’t realized how cold I was before I got in, but now warmth soaked through me.

The music was playing from a small player I owned that I had put into the bathroom for that very occasion. It had a dock on which I put a music player, and a small panel on front that lit up when it was on. The track changed to an energetic reel.

I washed myself and shaved, adjusting the temperature of the water a few times. I felt something running down my cheek, something cold. For some reason, I felt that it wasn’t just water from the shower. I wiped it off onto a finger, then rubbed my fingers together. It felt like water. Still unconvinced, I licked my finger. It was salty.

Like a tear, I thought, confused. Then I felt another, and another, running down my cheeks. I was inexplicably crying.

I was able to see faintly by the light shining out of the music player, which shone through the shower curtains. For an instant, though, that light flickered. I suppose I must have been looking at it at the time, for I saw what caused the change in lighting. It looked as though something had dashed across the beam of light for a split second. I started and stared, but nothing more happened.

I shook my head, then faced the front of the shower again. The water continued flowing out of the shower head, but the temperature was dropping, quite quickly. I turned the heat up. Nothing happened for a moment, then the water stopped for an instant, then continued, warming up. I had turned my back to the stream, and faced forward again.

I was then face to face with a creature more hideous than any I had ever seen, beyond that of the horrors in stories I read. I stumbled back, mute for the moment in my utter horror. Its teeth pointed forward, and it was out of them that the water now sprayed. No, no, it wasn’t water, as I now found. It felt like liquid fire running over my body. The temperature had continued increasing while I leaned against the comparatively freezing wall in a stupor, and was now burning through my skin.

I jumped; no, leapt; no, thrust myself out of the shower, away from that horrible figure. I flicked on a light and turned off the music. Nothing happened as I stood, naked and dripping onto the floor, but for one flicker of the lights. I shakily took the towel off of the wall, dried myself, and dressed. I stepped out the door, combing my hair, and was met by my sister.

“Are you about done?” she interrogated, obviously irritated and wanting to get into the bathroom.

“Yeah, I think so,” I stuttered.

“Good,” she said. And for an instant, though I cannot be sure whether it was not a delusion of my horrified mind, I saw her figure flicker into that of the creature that had been in the shower. “Very good,” she repeated, and the image flickered back to her self.


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