Cantomancy Theorem

I’ve got another one for you. I had been debating about writing this for some time, but was prompted by my upcoming Cantomancy Mythos thing and the audio story (if you’ve been reading the forums).

Cantomancy Theorem

There are two types of Cantomancy in my stories and Death Swamp.

High Cantomancy, also known as Architeur, is a song that created the known universe in the Cantomancy Mythos. In that mythos, mankind was able to learn a small portion of that song, and, supplied with it, were able to have god-like powers. Knowledge of it was passed down from father to firstborn son in one (and only one) bloodline. It is very dangerous in the wrong hands. Essentially, it allows the user to create or destroy whatever they wish.

Low Cantomancy, also called common cantomancy, is a type of cantomancy used in the Cantomancy Mythos, Death Swamp, and is similar to the power of The Boy with Sound in his Fingers in the Saga of Fourteen. It is essentially a scientific control and knowledge over the wavelengths of different types of matter, which, when used, can change density and form of matter. A large amount of people are able to use it, but it takes much studying (hence only being similar to that of The Boy with Sound in his Fingers) to be able to use it consistently. Common cantomancy is unable to create or destroy anything.


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