The Void

Sorry for the strange formatting. It is because I wrote it on my typewriter then scanned it onto the computer.
I have seen the void.One morning, as my senses returned to l me from
a long night of dreaming, both wonderous and terrible things, I saw
it. Only for an instant did it appear to me, but it was certain.
A gaping hole in the fabric of space opened before me. My vision blurred as I tried to focus on it, but it was no use. The nonexisting
is unseeable. I reacehd out to touch it, but just as soon as it had
made itself present, it vanished. At the time, I merely dismissed it
as a phantasm, a fleeting sense as my eyes recalibrated into reality.
I thought of it often after that, being unsure of what it truly had
been, or was. But eventually the memory of it dimmed somewhat in
my mind, and I left it behind.
What a remarkable thing the waking mind is. It seems to me that at
that eartly time of wakefullness (consiousness), the subconsious
mind awakes, and the imagination is free to wander wherever it may,
whter those places be physical or merely — I say merely, though I am
not sure whether those manifestations of the mind’s power can, truly,
be counted any less than reality itself. – imagined landscapes filled with insurmountable wonder.
But eventually the fact of the matter was made terrifyingly clearto
me. Indeed, in one of those muddled yet fantastic moments between
wakefullness and sleep, I saw the void again, not with my physical
eyes, this time, but instead with the neverendingly seeing eye of
the mind. ‘
Before me I saw a green hill, a gentle grassy slope, leading up to
a stunningly beautiful and clear blue sky. Around me on all sides
. were similar hills, though I did not look to them. I did, however,
notice in the omnipotent omniscience of the dreaming mind that
a grassy flat stretch to my left was cloaked in shadow.
Yet I didn not turn from my viewpoint on the hill before me. And
well I did not, for an incredible phenomenon quickly unfolded on
the hill in front of me.
Slightly above it, halfway up the slope, I viewed something open
before me. A gate, leading into the same neverending blackness
was what became of the opening. Its edges were made of a silver
that shifted and changed while I looked at it.
I stepped forward, to enter in to the void through the gate, but
as soon as I came nearer it, it closed, the edges folding in towards
But it did not disappear completely, as it had done in the time long
before. There dropped to the ground a small diamond—shaped medallion,
with a vertical marking which gave it the look of an ancient eye,
remeniscent of those found in many archaic egyptian hielogryphs.
I picked it up, but that is when my vision, or reverie, if that
is what it was, ended.
Ever since then, I have felt the urge to put my experience into words
and print.


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