Things To Do…

I’ve decided to share all of this with you. Basically, I’ve been going over and thinking about old stories and such that I started a while ago, but never finished. I’ve been deciding which ones to finish, which ones to leave off, and which ones to develop more.

Anyway, here you go. By the way, S = science and P = plot. What I mean by science is the…rules and such about the magic and other such things in the story (Kyreth powers, alchemy, time travel, etc.). This section also includes details about the different races (vampires, etc).

Plot is, obviously, the actual plot that the story follows. A slash following a letter means that I have most of that finished, but need to work on it a little bit more. A tilde means that I haven’t worked on it at all.

Also, there are some spoilery/things you don’t know about in here. The only thing I will elaborate on is the Cantomancy mythos, which I am writing currently. It will be a story of a universe in a bible-style of writing. I’m having fun with it.

But the right-at-this-moment consequence of this is that I will not actually be writing the vampire story yet. Soon, though.

Stories to finish in order of length.
Kyreth <— I should write another one soon.  S P  ~150,000
The Sagas Saga? ehhh. still gotta decide whether i’m going to leave it where it is, or do the tri-dimension thing. but if i continue, ~75,000  S P
Theotril Saga yes yes yes. i loved this story. gotta work on it more.  ~40,000   S P
Gates (revamped) yes yes yes. i’ve got almost everything for this one planned out. just gotta actually write it. ~30,000 S P
Vampire Story soon i promise. Gotta work on the plot a bit more   ~25,000 words
S /P
The Academe yeahhhhhhhh its going to be a while before i work on this again. probably.  ~20,000  ~ /P
1800s alchemy story YES YES YES i love this. I gotta develop the science/plot a lot more first though. ~~20,000 ~ ~
xx12 uhhhh maybe. i’ll have to basically re-write the entire thing though. it is a “definitely will get to” story though. ~20,000 S P
The Element Stones basically, consider this one after The Academe. thats how long its going to be.  ~15,000  /S /P
Cantomancy mythos  <— current project. ~10,000  Wrap up soon. S /P
Mystery? uhhhhh lets say after The Element Stones  ~9,000  ~ ~
Deathsleep I really want to continue this. really. But it needs a plot.  ~8,000  S ~

Anchor Asylum? More like an assortment of weird/horror super short stories. but yes. eventually.  ~2,000 N/A N/A update: no. not going to bother. might just write a weird short story and leave it at that.
Desk? Probably not, I like leaving it at the weird level it is
Julius Caesar? Nope, not this either.
The Cold? nah, I liked it where it was.
Tears and Ashes re-write? More likely, incorporate some of the good parts (dragon spear, etc) into a better story.


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