Dream Theorem

It’s been a while since I posted a new Theorem! Especially, though, seeing that I’m making a Death Swamp-based RPG on the forums, which will have many rules based on the forums, I decided to post this one. I do have a few others that I’m debating about posting, but I’m not sure if they are good enough or not.

Dream Theorem
The Dream Theorem is split up into two main parts.
The first is about the Dream Mirror theorem, and the second is about the Dream Discrepancies theorem.
The Dream Mirror theorem is thus: That there are several layers of dreams, accessable by dreaming inside a dream. Real life is Dream Level Zero, regular dreaming is Dream Level One, dreaming inside a dream is Dream Level Two, etc. The theorem is based on that the different dream levels mirror each other, yet are increased by an exponential amount of discrepancies (where the Discrepancies theorem ties in).
Discrepancies are found by squaring the dream level. For real life, therefore, the level is zero. For regular dreaming, it is one, for dreaming within a dream it is four, and so on. This shows the amount of major discrepancies within the dream level.
Continuing with the mirror theorem, they are mirrored in that all people that exist within one level exist in the next, but with the number of discrepancies either added or subtracted.
People cannot be brought between dream levels, unless they themself are a discrepancy, and the dreamer is aware that he or she is dreaming. In that case, the dreamer is able to bring them through dream levels with them.


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