Journey through Hell, Chapter Three

The conclusion to the gruesome tale. And the most gruesome part, too. So watch out.

I at first thought the prologue-ish part was enough to count as a part, but it wasn’t, so I just included it with Chapter One, reducing it from four parts to three.

Chapter Three
As soon as we entered the third realm, I noticed even more differences between this new one and the previous ones. This realm was hotter, much hotter than any of the others, and dry, dry enough to strip your mouth of all liquid and instill great thirst upon you. It also was darker. The only source of light seemed to be from one faraway spot of light. All around us was darkness.
Marulus brought us to the origin of the light. We came upon another angel of torture and a woman, lying face down on a stone table. There was a candle at each of the corners of the table, which was the source of light we had seen earlier.
“Why hello, Marulus,” said the angel of torture. His voice was higher, and soft, yet utterly sinister. He added a small hissing sound to his ‘s’s. “I take it this is the living that you are bringing out?”
“Yes, Jeshel,” answered Marulus to him. “And making sure that he sees enough of hell to fear coming back.”
“Good, good,” said Jeshel in response. “I think I will help with that nicely. You see,” he said, turning to me, “This woman killed twelve people, including herself.”
He turned towards the woman, and she let out a moan of despair.
Suddenly there appeared in Jeshel’s hand a small knife. He slit down her back, exposing her spine. The woman shrieked in agony. After he had made an incision several inches long, he set the knife down. He peeled back her skin from the cut, revealing her ribs and organs. Blood began to run down her sides and onto the stone table.
Working slowly, he eased her ribs out of her chest and spread them out, like the wings of an eagle. Her internal organs broke and oozed blood and other liquids throughout her body. The woman was convulsing with pain, unable to breathe through the sheer pain.
“But we aren’t quite done yet,” said Jeshel.
A pile of salt appeared into his hand and he spread that through the wound. She let out an animal-like scream, then her body went slack.
Jeshel snapped his fingers and her body tensed again, her senses re-awakened to the pain.
The stone table disappeared, the woman’s body falling to the ground. The four candles remained hovering where they were.
Then there appeared a rectangular wooden frame. In the top two corners were short chains with metal cuffs at the ends. Jeshel lifted up the woman and clasped her ankles into the cuffs.
Then in his hands appeared a large saw. Starting between her legs, he began sawing down her centre, throwing his body into each stroke. She shrieked again, a hoarse scream of anguish.
Jeshel continued sawing through her body, chest, and neck. He sawed through her jaw and part of his nose before ripping out the saw.
Her eyes rolled with pain, the two halves of her jaw dangling loosely,.
“She is still completely aware, you see,” said Jeshel. “She feels every bit of the pain, but cannot scream. And she cannot die. There is no end to her misery.”
I staggered back in shock and horror at the sight I had just seen.
Marulus pulled me away. As we walked, Jeshel called out from behind us. “You’re almost to the end,” he said. “Just one more room before then.”
“Alright,” said Marulus without turning back.
We continued walking through the darkness. Eventually, the light from the four candles faded away into nothingness and left us walking through the room with nothing to see by.
Hours later, or so it seemed, there was a definitive change. The light stayed at the same level as it had been, as did the heat, but we could both tell that we were in a different room.
Again, we saw a far-off light. Marulus brought us to it immediately. It seemed similar to the room we had just come from, an angel of torture, a stone table with four candles on it. But it was a man on the table, and he was facing upwards.
The angel of torture had a knife in his hand. He turned to us and nodded, then turned back to the man.
The man’s eyes were wide with dread and terror. I noticed his mouth seemed to have been sealed off completely; the area where it once was was completely smooth. His head was strapped to the table, so that he was unable to move it, yet he still struggled against it.
The angel of torture cut along his chest, head, arms, and legs, in a very specific manner. He began to slowly peel the skin back, cutting away any muscles or tendons that held on and being very careful to keep the skin in good condition as he did so.
A muffled yell could be heard from the man, yet he was unable to fully do so with his mouth in the condition it was.
Bit by bit, the angel removed the skin from the man. Part way through, he turned the man over onto his back, and completed the process.
He tossed the skin onto the ground, where it caught fire and burnt into ashes. The angel picked up the man from his neck, and the table disappeared.
Blood ran off of the man, pouring off of him in never ending sheets.
A strange looking object appeared next to them. Jeshel opened it. It was hollow, and the inside was coated with spikes, around four inches in length each.
I opened my mouth to ask what it was, but Marulus covered my mouth, leaned down to my, and spoke under his breath into my ear.
“Teyear, this angel of torture, hates noise. Try to be quiet, and just watch,” he said.
Teyear threw the man into the coffin-like spike-filled box. His body, now completely exposed muscles, bones, and tendons, got easily impaled onto the spikes.
Teyear shut the door of the box, then knocked it over.
A moan emminated from inside.
He kicked the box so that it rolled across the ground.
Then it appeared in front of us again, just to be kicked away by Teyear again. Again he brought it back, and again he kicked it away.
Then he brought it back, stood it up, opened it, and pulled out the man.
His body was riddled with gaping holes, out of which spilled blood and broken bones. His head had been devastated, and his bare brain had been exposed.
He looked me in the eye, then looked to the body, then looked back at me. His eyes warned me of what would come.
Marulus took me by the arm, and headed off again, after nodding at Teyear.
After we had gotten a good ways away from him, Marulus spoke.
“We are nearing the end. I will send you back up to earth. I think you have learned well what hell is like during your brief time down here, and the severity of the choices you make upon earth while you yet live.”
A few minutes we walked before coming to another wall. We walked through.
We entered into a small room. Strange inscriptions covered the walls, ceiling, and floor.
“This is where you leave,” said Marulus. “Live out your life on earth, and think upon the things you have seen here.”
Everything around me shimmered for a moment.
Then, the next thing I knew, I was lying on cement, in the middle of the city, surrounded by people, murmuring among themselves.
I rubbed my head and sat up.
“Are you all right?” asked a young man near me.
“Yes, I think so,” I said to him. “I think I may be all right now.”


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