Failed Time Vignette

Here it is. I’m sure you all have been dying (not really) to read the next failed vignette. Starring in it is a much-modified Time.

The Boy With Time over His Eyes
I looked aver at him. The Time Glass was resting on his hair. He pushed himself up against the tree he had been leaning against.
“Wait.” He said, putting his hand out when I started standing up.
Wondering why, I fell to the ground. He dropped The Glass over his eyes. An arrow suddenly appeared and stuck into the tree.
He pushed the glasses up and ran a hand through his hair.
He looked at me with his brown eyes.
“Follow,” He said, crouching slightly and walking up the short hill in front of us. I got up slowly and followed him. He peered over the rise.
I went to his left and did the same.
“There,” He said, pointing at a specific pine tree in a cluster.
I strained my eyes and in a moment saw someone concealed in the tree.
He pulled back the bowstring and loosed an arrow.
The Boy took a short intake of breath and dropped The Glass over his eye.
He leapt over the hill towards the areow at a tremendous speed, but it almost seemed to me taht there were several of him, running all towards the arrow. Once he reached it, he outstretched his hand and nudged the shaft of the arrow slightly. It settled into the ground a few feet to my right firmly.
The bowman readied another arrow and sent it at The Boy With Time Over His Eyes. The Boy took out a small knife, and moved slightly. After that, I couldn’t see him. but when the arrow landed, it was cut cleanly in two parts, down the middle.
The bowman fell out of the tree, leaving a trail of blood in the air.
I looked to my right and he was sitting there, looking out over the hill.

Okay, with that out of the way, now I can go into a lengthy exposition about the making of Saga of Fourteen. I was (and still am, to a certain extent) sure that I had written about the first bit of my planning and creation of Saga of Fourteen in the last failed vignette page, but I can’t find it anywhere. So I’ll start from the beginning, as best I can.

I had gotten the idea for the Wind vignette one day, as I said in the last page. A few days after that, I wrote this one. I had a vague idea of writing six or seven of the vignettes, then writing a short story starring them all. I guess this is where I write my opinion on this vignette.

Frankly, I didn’t and still don’t like it. It seemed to forced to me, as well as quite confusing. The method of time-ish travel is quite nebulous.

Anyway, after writing this vignette, I decided to scrap the idea.

But several weeks later, while researching the zodiac and other astrological things, I got an idea. What if there were not, as thought, twelve signs in the zodiac (I’m not counting Ophiuchus, if you’re wondering), but instead thirteen, and we weren’t aware of the thirteenth because we are orbiting around one of the stars that makes up the constellation.

So now I had a premise. But no story. Then I got the idea of including the vignette idea into it. But still no story. Then I whipped out my handy-dandy complicated saga making brain cells and got to work.

The idea of the whole thing being a chess game came to me fairly early on, then eventually the idea of a malignant God came to me. And of course the protagonists would somehow have to rise against him. But how could mortals go against an immortal?

By having another immortal on their side, of course. And thus came the idea of having Steam become a God.

Before all that though, I had gotten the concepts of Knowers, Chosen, and Forsaken.

Another note about Falx: the other zodiac names are latin. Because Falx had to die to save the universe, I linked it with death (also, because it is the thirteenth zodiac and the thirteenth card in the tarot deck is death). Death, also called the Grim Reaper, carries a scythe. And so, I translated scythe into latin and got Falx.

Well, the truth is, I thought the zodiac names were in greek, so initially I translated scythe into greek, and got Drepayi as the result. It wasn’t until I was about halfway done with the book that I found out it should actually be latin.

What’s that? You want another in-development page from my notebook? I suppose I could let you all have another…


Anway, I guess that’s it for Saga of Fourteen!

But there are more surprises on their way! This solid month of posts has given me time to write another short story, and plan a ~20,000 or so word long novella. I’ll begin writing the latter probably today, and begin posting the short story monday next week. It has a prologue and three chapters, so it will be spread out through four posts.

The awesomeness is only beginning.


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