Saga of Fourteen, Section Two, Book Four, Part Fourteen

Here it is. The final, and easily the longest, part. Hope you all enjoyed it! In two days I will be posting the second round of secrets pertaining to Saga of Fourteen.

The Girl with Dark in her Soul hovered a few inches off the ground. Darkness exuded out of her in the form of a mist, rolling out in clouds.
Darkness followed her wherever she went,unceasingly.
She took a step forward, shadow guiding her feet.
Even though she had a power to be recknoned with, she was a very soft and gentle child.She continued walking forward until she came to the inner edge of one of the submersible ships, where there was a large indow opening out into the deep sea. The shadows iin the abyss that the ship lay on were only fufrthened by her power. A squid skirted by the window, bioilluminescence glimmering against the thee darkness around.
A man in simple but elegant clothing strode up to her.
“Madame, iof you please, the ship will be mocing now. You should get to your room,” he said.
She nodded slowly and turned away from the shadowy abyss.
Chapter Fourteen.
The Boy with Steam on His Breath, reborn as Eaneo, was already there in the new Soudulir.
They realized that they wre looking out at the sea through a thick glass window. Memory walked up to it and tapped it with it, the resutl of which was a dull thunking noise.
They turned around and gave out a gasp. They were in some sort of underwater vehicle or buidling, but the size was magnificent. They were in a large courtyard-like area, warm with candlelight in contrast to the shadows outside the window. The light came from three large chandeliers hanging high above them on the ceiling.
A man hurried up to them.
“Who are you? You do not belong here. I will call the guards,” he said.
Before he had a chance to turn and do so, though, an old man put his hand on the man’s shoulder.
“I have called them,” the old man said. “I have been waiting for them.”
The other man, surprised, recovered himself. “Oh, well, in that case..” he trailed off.
The older man nodded and the younger walked away.
“Who are you?” asked Memory.
“I am a Knower here on this Soudulir, Pisces. That man, Eric Shvarse, isn’t, as you probably guessed. And I didn’t completely lie. I have been waiting for you. I just happened to be passing by, though, when you appeared.”
“What is your name?” asked Wind.
“I am Adam Poliph. I will bring you to The Girl with Death in her Soul, now, if you want. Or rather, I will call for her to come. She lives on another ship, a ship for royalty. Or in her case, resistant royalty. She does not want to be Queen, especially Queen of the Black alliance. Here, come,” said the man.
He, followed by the eleven Chosen and Eaneo, walked over to a small wooden box attached to one of the walls. Out of it, on the front, was a brass funnel, and on the side was a slider.
He slid the slider up and spoke into the funnel.
“The Chosen and The Forsaken have arrived. Please bring The Girl with Dark in her Soul to ship EF-12 as soon as possible.”
There was a small mesh above the funnel, out of which came a voice. “Is nearby. WIll be arriving shortly.”
Adam slid the slider back down and turned to them.
“Let us take a seat and talk while we wait,” he said.
He led them across the room to a grouping of empty seats. Around there there were other seats and couches occupied by other people, aged from young to old alike.
They each took a seat and Adam talked.
“So, I suppose this is the final stop in your journey. What do you plan to do or where do you plan to go from here?” he asked.
“We have found out that our fight, truly, is against God himself, and we must somehow fight him,” said Sound. “And a key player in that fight is The Boy with Steam on His Breath, who is now Eaneo, the good God.”
Adam glanced at Eaneo and continued. “Yes, that is true. But I may shed some light on what you are to do. I believe going to Falx would be the best next move.”
“Why?” asked Time.
“Because that Soudulir has been fraught with war ever since you started your journey. Dead warriors are emerging from growing cracks in the planet and reeking havoc, in an attempt to destroy the planet. And they will succeed in that. But there is time to save at least some of the inhabitants of the planet. All of the Knowers are going to be going to Falx, and we are going to spread out across the planet and make the tea of all the leaves, and transport people away from Falx and to various Soudulir.”
“I could probably help with that,” said Eaneo. “With my powers as God, I should be able to do it instantly. Or atleast, I can get the humans that the Knowers aren’t able to get to.”
“True. But you have an even bigger thing to do,” said Adam. “You are to fight Kzek. And as a God, he cannot die, even by the hand of another God. Therefore, you will have to lock him away somewhere, or in something. But of course, he knows this as well, and will be trying to do the same to you. So be on your guard.”
They sat and chatted about what they had done so far, and the Knowers that they had encountered in their journey the rest of the time while waiting for the final Chosen to come.
Shortly thereafter, they heard a loud thunk and the room swayed slightly.
Adam stood up. “She is here,” he said.
A minute later, a young girl, flanked by four guards, walked into the room. She parted the guards with her hands once they got near the others, and broke through. Adam bowed, then all of The Chosen except Light bowed also.
Light pouted slightly. “Competition,” she muttered.
“Welcome to Pisces,” the girl said. “I am The Girl with Dark in her Soul, but you may call me Dark.”
Ever since she had walked in the door, Life had been transfixed staring at her. He stepped forward and took her hand in his, kneeled, and kissed her hand.
“At your service, madame,” he said.
Dark smiled at him and pulled him up to standing. “And I at yours,” said she.
The thirteen of them got acquainted to each other, then Adam spoke again.
“Now shall we go to Falx?” asked Adam.
“You are coming too?” asked Memory.
“Of course. I am one of the hundred and fifty-six Knowers, and it is my duty. But first, we must get the leaf, which is somewhat of a distance away.” He turned to Dark. “May we take the ship you rode here?” he asked her.
“That will be fine,” she answered.
The guards who had accompanied Dark to the ship they were now on, having heard what they spoke of, turned and led the way to the ship.
They left the room they were in and assed through a narrow passageway with windows lookingo out to the sea on either side. They came to a round doorway, which they walked through.
Adam left them, then returned a few minutes later with a muscular man in a dirty shirt that left his arms bare.
He turned a wheel next to the door they had come through, straining with the effort of it. Two bronze semicircles slid together in the doorway, creating a seal.
Then the man left. Adam led them to seats, where they sat and snapped together a few belts around their waists and chests.
A moment later, a shudder went through the ship and they felt it drift for a moment. Then the engines started and they flew through the water at an incredible speed. If they had been standing, or sitting without the buckles, they would have toppled over at the sudden acceleration.
Gradually they got accustomed to the speed, and relaxed in their seats and talked further with one another.
Half an hour later, the speed decreased, then the ship hovered for a moment before docking again. Adam told them that they could take of the restraining straps.
They did so and stood up, stretching. The muscular man came again and turned the wheel in the opposite direction, and the door slid apart again.
Adam thanked him, then led the way through another narrow passageway.
But the area was not a ship. It opened up into a round area, with no other exits than the one they had come from. They heard a sound as the ship detached and went away.
In the centre of the area was a small column of glass, without a top and filled with water. In the center of the water was a small plant, of the type which would take them to Falx.
“We can get there without it,” said Memory. He looked at the other Chosen from the White and Eaneo, and they nodded.
All seven of them vanished instantly.
They appeared on Falx. Chaos was all around, bodies strewn everywhere. A large crevace, like the one they had seen after Light joined them, broke the landscape in two close to them. The skeleton warriors that they had fought many times before were swarming everywhere, the spirits darkening the sky.
Ezekiel, the first Knower that The Boy with Steam on His Breath had met, rushed up to Eaneo. “You! You have changed! Very much so, and I trust for the better. I have only one thing to say and give you, then I will be gone again. We have been sending people to different Soudulir, and that has taken much time. But this is what I am going to tell you.”
He handed Eaneo the small metal circle with the engraving of the leaf on it.
“Take this. If anything, to remember me by, as it is very possible that I will not live long enough to see you again. I have faith in you, Steam.”
He looked sad as he turned away.
“Goodbye now, Steam. And may the final part of your journey go well.”
He ran away, back to get more of the tea and help the other Knowers to send people off the planet.
Eaneo stiffened. “I must go now. I will be back, assuming that my battle is successful. And when I come back, I will take any people left on Falx to various Soudulir.”
Then Eaneo vanished and left the six Chosen of the White alone.
But not for long. A moment later, the six Chosen of the Black and Adam appeared, looking around at the landscape with mixed feelings of horror and excitement.
After the six of the White had left, Adam walked forward to the small plant in the centre of the room and picked seven leaves of the plant, then went over to a counter, where sat twelve cups. Adam put a leaf in seven of the cups, then went to a small nozzle in the wall, held one of the cups below it, and pressed a button above it. Steaming water poured out into the cup. He did the same for all other six cups.
They let the cups sit for a while, the tea brewing inside them. Then each of them took a cup and drank of it.
It was a revolting flavour, but they drank of it anyway.
The area around them faded into black, as it had done so many times before. But something was wrong inside the void-like area, though none of them could figure out why.
Then the area around them brightened and sharpened back into view. They were standing next to The Chosen of the White, but Eaneo was gone.
Without saying anything more than a farewell, Adam left them to help the other Knowers then on Falx.
Together, they fought the skeletons. Wind, Memory, Sound, Fire, Life, Light, Water, Time, and Silence fought how they had done in the previous battles.
Frost swirled around The Boy with Ice in his Eyes, ice crawling up his arms. Branches of ice reached out from where his eyes were across his face. At a glance, any warriors or spirits froze in their tracks. The bones of the skeletons cracked as the ice burrowed into them.
For Death, the fighting was easy. As soon as they had come to Falx, the black flame of death leapt to life in front of his chest. Bloodlust poured off of him.
He lunged forward at one of the skeletons and dust, all that was left of the warrior, fell to the ground. Light watched the whole time in admiration and exhilaration at Death’s power.
Dark stood slightly away from the warriors. Shadow drifted out of her, obscuring the area around her and cloaking her. She floated off of the ground, her head facing upward. Arms of darkness reached out of her, which destroyed any warriors they touched. Thusly, they tore through the ranks of warriors, which had been joined by several more of the gigantic black beasts, even without the help of The Boy with Steam on His Breath.
Wind, water, fire, and ice flew across the battlefield, devastating the legions of enemies, sound and silence tore apart the ground, time and memory turned enemies to dust and bones, light and dark spread shadow and blinding light across the ranks, and life and death took apart their defenses piece by piece.
Eaneo rose far out of Falx, out of the galaxy, and universe altogether. He landed on a metaphysical plain, a place Kzek had made for himself long before The Great War was initiated by him.
Eaneo was more powerful than he had ever been. He was clothed in a garment of shifting colours, switching and swirling between black and white.
The area he was in was filled with tall grasses, up to his knees. There was no wind, but the grasses swayed and rustled against one another.
He took a breath and looked up.
Across the field, there was a being similar to Eaneo, but whereas Eaneo more mostly white, with some black swirling around, the other being wore black with a small amount of white swirling around in it.
“So. You have come. At last. But I must ask you. Who are you? And how dare you come against me?” the being asked. The voice was deep and seemed to come from nowhere in particular, yet everywhere.
“I am The Boy with Steam on His Breath, reborn into Eaneo, your rival. I am God,” said Eaneo.
“As am I. But which of us is the greater? I do wonder that. I suppose we shall find out, before this is over. And also, you must know something. You cannot kill me,” said the being.
“I know. But I also know something else, that you are just as unable to kill me. But I have a question of my own for you. What is your name, so that I may know who you are?” asked Eaneo.
“Oh, there is no need for that question. You know very well. But I will tell you, all the same. I am Kzek. I am God,” said the being.
“Did you know that I was coming? That I even existed?” asked Eaneo.
“Yes. I had hoped to snuff you out before you fully became Eaneo. But, as you have seen, in a way, I accidentally sped that along. I did not do that on purpose, but I welcome a worthy opponent, for once. I have not had one, ever before. I must ask one thing, though. Are you responsible for creating Falx?”
“Yes. I created it, before I myself yet existed. This is one of the ways that my power has been manifested. And I brought myself back to life, and completed my rebirth into Eaneo. That is another,” said Eaneo.
“True. But enough talking,” said Kzek.
“Shall we fight now then, Kzek?” asked Eaneo.
“Any time,” responded Kzek.
The two of them each got into a stance to be ready to fight.
Kzek lunged forward at an incredible speed, creating and sending forward needles of ice.
Eaneo lifted up his hand and summoned a breeze to blow them away. They fell to the ground, harmless.
But by the time he had done that, Kzek had disappeared. Eaneo tried to use his powers to find where he was, but was unable to as Kzek had cloaked himself so well as to be indistinguishable.
Kzek struck at Eaneo. The strike hit him and sent him sprawling into the tall grasses. He stopped himself and flipped up with a burst of wind. He tightened the air around him into a shield that would defend him from any more physical attacks.
He braced himself and started to use the power of sound. The ground started to give way before and around him, the metaphysical field giving way underneath the power of the vibrations.
Kzek leapt up. He reversed the frequency so that the ground hardened yet again, then he landed again.
Darkness poured out of his hands, sweeping around Eaneo like two hands catching a fly. Light began to grow out of Eaneo, starting in his hands and spreading through the rest of his body. It ripped the shadow to shreds. He tried to attack with the light, but Kzek easily parried it to the side.
Eaneo’s hair spun about as he started to use the power of wind. A hurricane ripped at the grasses, sending some of them flying. Kzek maintained control of himself and was not sucked into the whirlpool. A stream of water shot out from where Eaneo was, grabbing at Kzek.
Kzek smiled as it wrapped around his throat and lifted him up.
“Silly. Very silly. You have already forgotten. You cannot kill me,” he said, sneering.
“Did you think the needles of ice would work against me?” asked Eaneo. “No. Fighting further like this is pointless. I have a proposition for you. I know about the chessboard. I know of your game that you play against yourself, and that it is almost done. But I propose this to you. A chess match, deciding the fate of the universe. Reset the board. We will fight with the mind as The Chosen fight your warriors,”
“And what if I win?” asked Kzek. “What then?”
“Then the universe is yours. I will relinquish my powers as God. You know this is possible.”
“And if you win?” asked Kzek.
“Then you will do the same. What do you think?” said Eaneo.
“Let us,” said Kzek.
The two of them both went to the universal chess board. The white side had only a bishop, rook, and two pawns in addition to the King, and the black had two bishops, a rook, and a pawn in addition to its King.
“My game has gone well, as you can see,” said Kzek. “But now no more.”
The board reset, both sides getting their pieces back and going into the starting position again.
“What side do you wish to have?” asked Eaneo.
“I will use black, and you may use white,” answered Kzek.
“Very well,” said Eaneo.
“B4 to C4,” Eaneo said, moving forward his pawn.
And thus the second chess game of a universe began.
Cloaking all knowledge of it from Kzek, Eaneo pulled out the metal circle and held it in the palm of his hand, waiting for the time to use it. He had looked into the future and seen Kzek’s fate bound up in it.
The twelve Chosen had continued fighting for close to an hour, wave after wave of the skeletal warriors raging upon them, only interrupted by a few of the huge black beasts rampaging across the already mostly destroyed landscape.
The Chosen had drifted apart slightly in the fighting. Memory psychically called out to Time.
‘Try to rally The Chosen into the centre,’ he said. ‘We need to work together more.’
Another crack ran through the planet, further shattering Falx.
“It’s too late,” said Wind. “The planet is going to be destroyed in a few minutes.”
“We need to keep fighting,” said Sound. “Keep fighting until Eaneo comes. We need to.”
The game of chess had gone by quickly, both Gods planning out their moves and making them as soon as the other had made their move. And thus they fought on and on.
White and black both had the same pieces, a rook, a bishop, a pawn, a knight, the Queen and the King. They were essentially in equal positions, both gaining some power over the other before relinquishing it to save a piece. Neither Kings had moved; their defenses were well thought out and strong.
All the while, Eaneo had been waiting for a time when Kzek’s defenses were down, to make his move. He had determined that he would lock Kzek in the metal circle, then toss it down into the abyss surrounding the chess board.
A rook was lost on both sides, then black lost a bishop and white lost a knight.
Kzek stuttered at the sudden loss of a piece, making the playing board unequal in strengths.
Before he could recover himself, Eaneo took advantage of the moment and rushed forward at him with the circle. He used all of his power as God to take over Kzek. He opened a portal into the metal circle and send Kzek down into it.
Kzek cried out. “Impossible!” he yelled. “And, you broke the rules of the agreement!”
Eaneo’s face was hard. “No. The rules only governed what would happen at the end. There were no rules in place for what might happen in the meantime.”
Kzek’s consciousness and power was being drained away into the metal circle, with no way to stop the flow. His energy began to decrease and he found it more and more difficult to do anything.
Eaneo, however, did slow it enough to talk to him once more. “The warriors. Who were they? What were they?”
Kzek snickered. “I used the dead bodies and souls of people that had died in The Great War. I had claimed them, they were mine to use. And I used their souls, as well. The giant black beasts were my own invention. I call them Uzene.”
A crackle of energy was heard by them, coming from the chess board. The pieces flickered, until it was the same setup as the game of chess that Kzek had been playing against himself, since the dawn of time.
A piece in the middle of the board exploded, the pieces dissolving into a black mist.
Kzek let out an evil laugh. “True, true, you may have caught and stopped me. But I continued playing the original game of chess while we still played. And Falx has now been destroyed, along with all of The Chosen, the Knowers, and all humans still left on that planet,” he said, letting out another laugh.
“But you forget something, yet again,” said Eaneo. “Time is mine to play with. I have already saved them all from Falx. You have achieved nothing more than fulfilling what needed to be done in the first place, that Falx would die to save the other Soudulir.”
Eaneo let the metal circle take the rest of Kzek in one last surge of power. Kzek let out one last scream of pain before being silenced for all time.
The small circle of energy crackled with energy before it settled down. A large cross was scraped into it, marring the engraving of the leaf.
The chess board disappeared and Eaneo threw the coin down into the abyss.
He shook off a feeling of dread, then went to Falx a few minutes before.
The four cracks had grown and been completed, several more smaller cracks spreading out from them.
Using his power, he took all people, Chosen, and Knowers from the planet and deposited them at other Soudulir.
A moment later, as he continued staying in space, watching Falx, the planet exploded. Everything had been done, everything had been fulfilled.
Eaneo stood on the Soudulir Pisces, surrounded by The Chosen and all of The Knowers.
He had brought all of them to Pisces, while the inhabitants of Falx were scattered around on the other Soudulir.
Wind was there, talking with Water, trying to put their differences aside now that the alliances of White and Black were no more. Fire was talking to  Water and doing the same. Memory, Time, Silence and Sound were talking in a group. Life and Dark were a little apart from the others, talking quietly. Light and Death had done similarly.
When they saw him appear, they rushed up to him, smiles on their faces.
“Steam! You’re alive! And back!” Wind said. “What happened?”
“Kzek and I battled for the fate of the universe,” said The Boy with Steam on His Breath, now human again, though he could go back to being God yet again at any time he wished. “And I took an opportunity to best him, and best him I did. It is over.”
They rejoiced with happiness over the news.
“But what do we do now?” asked Memory.
“I’m not entirely sure,” said Time, the light coming to his eyes as he used his power. “I see many paths for us to take, but I am unsure of which one we will take.”
“I know,” said Eaneo. “And I have an idea of what I might do. I will r-make Falx, and it will be reborn, as I once was, and still am. For to God, th making of a planet is not such a big or terribly exhausting act. An I think it will be best to keep things how they have been, with the Knowers obeing the only ones who know of the Soudulir. Yes, I will re-create Falx, put those whk once lived there back once again, and remove all memory of the past few days frok their minds. And I will remove the memories of those on the other Soudulir who may have learned things of the Soudulir, Knowers, and Chosen. for such knowledge is heavy, and best suited for those who have been deigned to know it.”
And with that, Eaneo disappeared from those present.
He ee appeaedd in the space where Falx once was. Summoning massive amounts of power from his limitless suply, he formed Falx once agin.
He formed the hills and valleys, trees, flowers, plains and rivers. He created the oceans, lakes, and ponds.
He made mountain ridges and caves and caverns deep below the surface of the planet.
He gave it the burning core that kept it alive, and an atmosphere to keep the gasses in the air from dispersing into space.
And thus Falx was reborn.
“And as I was given a new name, so I will give you a new name as well. But, in truth, it will be a secondary name, as people will still cal you Falx. But I rename you Earth, for you do no longer represent death as the name Falx implies, but now new life.”
And Thus Falx was renamed.
Still from his stand point in space, Eaneo pulled back everyone who had once been on Falx to be there once again.
In an instant, he removed all of their memories of the past few days and all of the warring that had taken place.
The memories were gone, and he modied their existinf onces so that the new planet would not seem differen to them.
And thus life on Falx, reborn as Earth, was returned to normal.
Then he thrned his focus onto the other Soudulir, and removed the memories of what had happened differently than usual for the past few days.
That done, Eaneo took The Chosen and all of the Knowers that they had met along their journey up to the metaphysical field, where Eanek and Kzek had begun their battle.
The Chosen were reunited with the Chosen that had taken care of them, or that they well knew. They introduced the other Chosen to the different Knowers.
All the while, Eaneo stood off to the side with Ezekiel.
“You did well,” said Ezekiel to Eaneo. ” Very well. Did you use the metal circle to bind him?” he asked.
“Yes,” answered Eaneo.
“You shluld knoe something about that,” said Ezekiel. “That indeed was the only thing that would work for that purpose. I know you may have been led to belive that you could use anything, but that is false. That circle marked you as something more, much more than just The Forsaken of Falx. The fact that you had it meant that you were the one who would end Kzek.”
“So you knew all of that, ever since the beginning?” asked Eaneo in disbelief.
“Yes. But I could not have told you back then, which now seem so very long ago. It was not my place. You were to find that out by yourself,” said Ezekiel.
“Yes, I see that it had to be that way,” said Eaneo.
He stepped forward to the others.
“I have been thinking something over, and will ask your opinion on it. If you all would like, I can create a planet for you and all th other Knowers to live on.”
As he said this, he made an appearance of all the other Knowrrs standing behind them. They ranged in age, gender, and size. There were young boys and girls who were Knowers, then there were aso elderly people, and people in beteween those two extremes.
Then the vision of them passed and Eaneo continued.
“Or, you can go back to how you were before all of this. I will, of course, spare all of your memories of this time, unless you wish me to wipe them from your mind. What say you?” he asked.
They talked between each other for a moment before Memory stepped forward.
“We say no,” said Memory. “Thank you for the offer, Steam, but we liked and still like our past and current lives, and would like to go back to hkw thinfs were. And,” he said with a look at Life and Dark and Light and Death, “I think  few of us have plans of our own.”
“And your memories?” asked Eaneo.
“We have enjoyed thid time, even if it has been trialsome at points, and wish to keep our memories of it,” he answered.
“Very well,” said Eaneo. “Now you may go from here. Focus your power on whatever Soudulir you wish, and you will go there.”
They said their goodbyes to Eaneo, then one by one they vanished, going to their respective Soudulir.
And finally, Ezekiel left and left Wind and Eaneo alone.
“Farewell, old friend,” said Wind.
“Farewell, but not forever. I will visit you all, sometimes.”
Wind waved, and with a burst of wind, was gone.
And thus Eaneo was left alone as ruler and God of the universe.


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