Saga of Fourteen, Section Two, Book Four, Part Thirteen

Almost to the final chapter! If you notice a bunch of spelling errors, ignore them. I think I got most, but they were caused by the fact that I wrote some parts of this part on my Kindle touch.

The Boy with Death in his Heart sat alone, the way he was used to. If he got near anyone, death always followed shortly after. A black flame appeared at his chest and bloodlust shot through him. He was, of course, still treated royally, while not being allowed to be near anyone.
It didn’t matter if it was humans, animals, or plants, death came to whatever it was.
There had been, obviously, times in the past that he had broken the rule, killing several people. Not that he cared in the least about them. For that, he had been locked in his room for a day. But it never affected him at all.
He stood up. A bell had rung, signaling that it was time for dinner. A servant walked over and set a dish, loaded with luxurious food from the King’s own table, onto a set table with one chair. The servant bowed partially out of respect, partially out of fear, and went back to where he had come from. The Boy with Death in his Soul went over to the table, sat down, and ate hungrily.
He was always hungry, for some reason. For a few minutes after eating, he wouldn’t, but within an hour, he would be ravenous again.
Chapter Thirteen
There were several bridges stretching from the island they were on onto other similarly sized islands, some of which had small houses. On a nearby island, a man was filling buckets with the water of the ocean they were in and emptying them into a strange wooden system of buckets and pipes.
“Perhaps to purify the water and make it drinkable,” Memory mused.
The man looked up, having heard the voice.
“Come on over here,” he said excitedly.
The ten Chosen started walking across towards the bridge when suddenly a burst of light shone from slightly further down the island. They turned around in surprise, then almost lost their footing in shock.
The Boy with Steam on His Breath stood there, clothed in light and looking in a way greater than he ever had been before.
He ran towards the ten Chosen, but he seemed to not stand on the ground, but hover slightly above it.
When he reached them, he went over to The Boy with Ice in his Eyes.
“Hello. I am The Boy with Steam on His Breath, reborn as Eaneo. And I take it you are The Chosen of Capricorn?” He knew that it was, but he decided to go about meeting him in a friendly manner.
“Yes… I am…” Ice hesitated, not sure what to do or think of this person.
The other nine Chosen, who had been speechless in shock, regained their tongues.
“Steam!” exclaimed Wind. “Where did you? What are?” he sputtered.
The light came to Memory’s temples as he used his power. “The shadow around you has grown. What have you done?” he asked.
“In short,” Steam said, “I am God.” He laughed suddenly. “Well, that’s what me as God told myself. So I guess I can believe it. And also, I’m alive again, and that is proof enough.”
Memory wheeled to Life suddenly. “Did you do something about this?” he asked, aggressively.
Life shrunk back. “I…I can’t. I mean, I couldn’t have. My powers do not work over anything more than small animals. Plants and small animals.”
Memory relaxed. “Okay. And sorry for jumping on you. Not being able to know something sometimes…puts me on edge.”
He turned back to Steam. “So…I guess..”
Time stepped in. “Yes. It is true. Your shadow you have put over the future  is not complete. Or at least, it wasn’t for a moment. And I had a glimpse. You are truly…God,” said Time.
“But wait,” interjected Fire. “What about the evil God. Kzek?”
“True. He is a problem. And our fight, I have found, truly is not against each other. We are fighting against Kzek. If it had only been The Chosen, or if I had not died, perhaps it would have been impossible. But that is not the case.”
The man who had been filling and emptying the buckets of water had been staring at Steam in half-terrified shock. He regained his composure and motioned to them again.
“Come, come,” he said.
They continued through the island and across the bridge to join the man. He wore light brown clothing, patched many times and well worn. He emptied another bucket into the device and hurried over to the ten Chosen and Eaneo.
“You, you, you! The Chosen! And you! The most awaited of all! Once The Boy with Steam on His Breath, but now…now something much more. And what an honor, for me to be the ones to see you on your journey. But of course, The Chosen of our Soudulir, Aquarius, The Boy with Death in his Heart, is not here.”
Life frowned when he heard the name.
“He lives in a castle on one of the largest islands, the name of which is Hcelen. I can take you there. I have a boat, which we can ride in. It is large enough to carry us all, if some of you don’t mind helping row.”
He walked over to a medium sized boat with three oars on either side. The Chosen and Eaneo piled in, Memory, Sound, Fire, Water, and Time taking an oar, as the man did.
“My name is Abraham Delphine,” said the man.
The six rowers pushed off the sandy beach and rowed under the command of Abraham. They passed many small islands, some with trees or gardens, some with houses, but most connected by the same wood bridges.
The number of islands began gradually to lessen. Still they rowed on.
After around half of an hour, a castle began to rise out of the distance. It was situated on an island much larger than any they had yet seen.
They rowed until they came to the rocky edge of the island. They skirted around that until they came to a small sandy strip, where they pulled the boat ashore. Abraham led the way around through the rocks and to the main gate of the castle. When they arrived, Abraham nodded at an armored guard outside, who let the twelve of them through.
They went into a small courtyard, through a door, up several flights of stairs, and stopped in front of double doors. He knocked at them, and a voice came from within, telling them to enter.
Abraham pushed the doors open and The Chosen and Eaneo followed him in.
There were two large couches, one empty and one seating two people, a man and a woman of obvious nobility. A small chair on the far other side of the room seated a young man. He had black hair, black eyes, and wore completely black. As soon as he saw Life, a black flame leapt in front of his chest for a moment, then died down.
The man welxomed them. “Hello, Chosen and Forsaken alike. But you, the Forsaken, are more than you once were. I am King Josaih Meliin, and this is my Queen, Esther Meliin. We are both Knowers of this Soudulir. And this is,” he started, but was cut iff by a quiet gravely voice coming from the boy in black.
“I am The Boy with Death in his Heart,” said the boy. And no, you lesser than me may not call me ‘Death’, as my superiors do.”
The Girl with Light in her Hands had somehow not seen him earlier, and turned in surprise.  As soon as she saw him, a shiver of interest went down her nd she lunged forward towards him.
“No,” he said, to stop her from getting closer so she would not die.
But it was too late; Light had already rushed up to him.
But the flame did not appear at his chest. He surpressed the power from starting, knowing that this girl was different.
She took him by the arm and pulled him up, stading next to him and clinging to his arm.
He fowned at her, then his expression softened, moved by a sudden longing for her, love surging through a wall keeping it bottled up for his entire life. Hate had been all he had known for so long, ever so long.
“What?” cried the King. “It is impossible…there is no way that she could have…”
The Queen broke in. “The Girl with Light in her Hands, go away from him. When the time comes, he is to marry The Chosen of Pisces and together, they are to rule over tha Alliance of Black forevermore.”
The Girl with Light in her Hands gave the Queen a rebellios lokk and cntinuled holin thr arm of Thr Boy with Death in his heart. He looked down at er with his dark eyes and spoke ij a voice that only Light could hear.
“You may call me Death  if you want,” said The Boy with Death in his Heart.
The King and Queen frowned, but then the King spoke. “I suppose you will want to be on to the next Soudulur now. I will prepare you the tea to do so. It is now ready. The leaf it is made from, Oscurde, is extinct. But more than that, it takes millenia, ten thousand years, in fact, to brew. But it was started close to the dawn if time, and is now finished. It had been prophecied that it would be finished brewing just when it would be needed. Madame Queen, could you fetch the tea for The Chosen and The Forsaken?”
She nodded, stood up, and left the room with no words, but a murderous glance at Life.
“I don’t need any tea to go to between Soudulir,” said Eaneo. “I can just move between the Soudulir at will.”
“Good. I had assumed that you would have such powers, but I aasn’t sure,” said the King.
A moment later, the Queen returned with a tray holding a silver teapot and twelve teacups. She began plouring out the tea into  the cups. When she got to the twelfth cup, Eaneo covered it with his hand. She looked up at him, confused, then nodded and took back th teapot.
Each of The Chosen took a teacup, and prepared to drink of the tea.
Before they drank, The Boy with Steam on His Breath, reborn as Eaneo, turned to the others.
“To Pisces then?” he asked.
The King, Queen, and Time nodded. Eaneo vanished suddenly.
Then theothers lifted the cups to their lips and drank the tea of the Oscurde leaf.
It was pleasantly spicy, with many layers of complex flavours, more than they thought cohkd be in one leaf.
Then the darkness came. It was darker than any before, darker even than when they had come to Aquarius. They were obscured from each other’s view, cloaked in shadow.
Then the darkness began to fade into light, but only enough that they could just barely see.
They were looking into the ocean, deep below the waves where only a few key rays of light made thier way down.


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