Saga of Fourteen, Section Two, Book Three, Divertimento

This section is a little different, but is probably the most important section in the entire book. So pay attention.

I, in a way, had to make this into a seperate part (not as an epilogue or something like that). It was too long for that, yet too short to be a part of its own (in addition to the fact that that would throw off the pattern more than it already did). So I made it a divertimento, which is a theatre and musical term that isn’t used much anymore. Technically, to keep the pattern, I would have had to add a divertimento to Section One. Oh well.

The Boy with Steam on His Breath was falling. Or at least, that was the best way that he could describe the sensation. It felt as though his consciousness had been torn away from his body, and was falling, falling away.
He tried to look around at where he was, but he couldn’t move. All he could see was darkness, a shadow covering everything. Even though he had no body, it felt as though his extremities were tingling with an awesome power he had never seen nor felt before.
A light started growing before him, getting brighter and brighter, appearing like it was getting closer to him.
The Boy with Steam on His Breath realized with a shock that the had stopped moving. The light was, indeed, getting closer to him. He felt a surface below him, a solid, flat area. He tried turning his head again and found that he was able to move now. He stood up.
The light hovered in a sphere in front of him. He looked around at where he was. It was black, completely black. Nothing could be seen, heard, or felt, except for the ground in the place.
But, looking around, he saw something in the distance. A sudden grouping of  nine people appeared, then dissapeared. Then he was left, again, alone except for the light in the void of the place.
He reached out and touched the light hesitantly, unsure of anything.
A voice filled his mind, a voice similar to his but more powerful, more majestic.
‘You have died, The Boy with Steam on His Breath. But you will be reborn. For you are not of the normal race of men. You, you are God. But a God very unlike Kzek, the evil God who created this universe, and the mortal game of chess he plays in it. You are the good God. You are to stop Kzek.’
‘What?’ thought Steam. ‘How is this possible? Was I created by Kzek? If so, does that make me lesser than him?’
‘It would, if you were created by him. But you are not. You created yourself, along with Falx, before you even existed. You are equal in power to Kzek, possibly even more so. But there is something you must see before you can be reborn.’
The Boy with Steam on His Breath felt himself moving at an incredible speed. Suddenly, he was no more in the void-like place. He was floating through space.
‘That,’ said the voice, ‘is your creation. Our creation. Falx, which you call Earth.’
‘”Our” creation?’ asked Steam. ‘Who are you?’
‘I am you, as God, Eaneo. I know fully of what you must do. And there is not much time. But first, examine Falx.’
The Boy with Steam on His Breath looked at the planet. Three cracks, coming from the centre, spread throughout the planet, dividing it into three pieces. A third crack was growing from the inside to the outside, making the planet look like a circle cut into four quarters.
‘That is Falx’s final destiny. To be destroyed, to save the other Soudulir, and, eventually defeat Kzek. And in doing so, it will create and has created the sign for earth forevermore, a circle, cut into quarters by a cross.’
A light was growing around him, and Steam realized that the light was coming from him.
‘The time is come. You will now go back to your body. And you must fight with The Chosen, and, eventually, against Kzek himself. Now be reborn!’ the voice said.
Steam felt a surge of power run through him.
He opened his eyes.
He was laying on the top of a sandstone tower. He stood up and looked over the edge, peering at the dropoff.
‘Just jump off,’ said the same voice in his mind. ‘The laws of physics will conform to you.’
The Boy with Steam on His Breath, reborn as Eaneo, closed his eyes and leapt off the ledge. At first, he felt the sensation he expected to feel, a dropping. But his falling slowed, and he landed with a small tap on the ground.
The footprints in the sand of where they had fought, and the scattered bones of the skeletons, lay partially covered by sand.
‘They have been gone for some time now,’ thought Steam. ‘Where are they? And how has it been so long?’
‘Time is a malleable thing to a God, and you have spent many hours falling through the void. But you need not ask me about the whereabouts of your allies. Reach out and find them with your powers,’ said Eaneo.
Steam closed his eyes, searching for them. They were no longer on the Soudulir Sagittarius. They were on another Soudulir, Capricorn. But suddenly they vanished from there. He looked around again, and found them on Aquarius.
‘They are on Aquarius,’ said Steam. ‘Will I need the tea to get there?’
‘Is God limited by time and space? No. You may go there just by using your power,’ answered Eaneo.
Steam closed his eyes and used his power.
Instantly, he was on Aquarius, standing on a small island. A group of eleven people, nine of whom he knew, stood a ways off from him. He ran towards them, giving out a shout. They turned in surprise to see him, The Boy with Steam on His Breath, reborn into God, Eaneo.


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