Saga of Fourteen, Section Two, Part Eight

This part is shorter, only around a thousand words. Probably one reason for that is the fact that I hadn’t initially intended on writing out this part. But eventually I realized that I would have to say what this part does in a more straight-forward way, and decided to make it as a counterpart to the first part.

I guess because it is shorter, I will give you all a few more details about my planning process for Saga of Fourteen.

I had initially been researching the zodiac. I then thought about the possibility that earth itself was in a thirteenth sign (no, I don’t count Ophiuchus), that the sun was one of the stars in the constellation.

A few weeks earlier I had been writing the two vignettes (one that I showed to you yesterday, one that I will share with you in a few weeks). After I had written them, I thought about creating several more of them, then having all of the characters interact in some short story. That never took off the ground, but I remembered the concept and decided to incorporate it into the zodiac idea.

Then ideas started flooding my head. That the twelve were Chosen, and that Steam (then unnamed) was a Forsaken, of Knowers, that there are relations to chess, and relations to a clock (which you may have seen in the picture from my notebook. However, that idea never made its way into the story in more than a subtle way).

I started combining these ideas, and eventually a plot started panning out in my head, which I then made much more complicated.

Though, of course, there are plenty of things that you haven’t seen yet. So I must now stop and leave the rest of my narrative for until after I have finished posting the book up here.

One last note that may interest you: I wrote a large amount of this part on one of my typewriters.

Here is Part Eight.

Other than the world he had created for himself to visit and enjoy,
Kzek had not created anything. Everything was a void, as the
“world” he had created for himself was in a methaphysical plain,
and was sperate from the void.
The void.
Yes, he liked it that way. He had, ironicaly, created the void,
created nothing. And he liked that. But something was…lacking.
Of course, everything was lacking, it being the void. But something
in his creation was lacking, he needed something more.
Floating through the void, there are the things he thought
to himself.
But he assured himself that nothing was lacking, that those were
only thoughts that were appearing in his mind.
And he continued floating through the void.
Chapter Eight
Kzek was bored. Utterly and entirely bored. One would think that being God and ruler of the universe, one would be able to keep one’s self entertained.
But no.
No, he was left, drifting through the void, nowhere to go and nothing to do. He had all the power in the universe, yes, but what is that when one is alone?
The void had been the only think he had ever known. For that was all there was to know, nothing.
But, he reasoned with himself, with all his power, he could of course make something to entertain himself with. Yes, yes, that was a very good idea. But what? What? A game, he thought to himself, a game.
And in an instant, having used his infinite power and wisdom, there before him was The Chessboard. It was comprised of eight by eight squares of magnificent size, alternating between white and black. And, likewise, there were two sides, white and black.
He wished he were not so alone in the universe, but that he was. And with his infinite knowledge and intelligence, he would have no problem playing by himself. But it was lonesome doing so, and he still wished for someone else to play with, or sat least something to make the game more interestng, the stakes higher.
“Make it real,” said he to himself. “Make the players real, make the sides literal sides of a war. Yes, now, yes, I will be entertained.”
And there before thim, there were thérteen planets, each representing a type of piece on the board, white or black. “But there should only be twelve,” he said to himself, “why the thirteenth? I did not mean to create that, and I do not remember doing so. From whence did this world some about?” But there it still sat. Not knowing what to do, he set it in the middle of the board.
“It will soon be destroyed. Yes,” he said to himself, evil creeping into him, “now the stakes are higher. Lives, for me to destroy, all in a game. But it may be allowed, for I am the creator of all, and I will be the destroyer of all as well.
The planets had gone to the pieces they reprsesented, but their formation in the universe Kzek had created did not change. It was only their
representation that came to the pieces.  He took the side of White first, moving a pawn.
“B2 to B4,” he said to himself. And the game of a universe was started.
Kzek wasn’t sure where Falx, the thirteenth planet, had come from. It
had just seemed to appear, when he created the other planets.
It was disconcerting, to a God, to not know something. But he
simply decided that he had merely created one too many, and that
that was no problem, to problem at all. Its place in the middle
of the board would make it nothing, soon enough.
But no, no, he said to himself. He would destory it slowly, throughout
the game he was going to play against himself. Yes, yes, that
would be more correct for the play of a God. No, not a god. He was the
Soon enough, instantaniously, in fact, he had planned out his
strategy for both sides of the board, white and black like. Yes,
this would be an interesting game indeed.


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