Failed Wind Vignette

Today (yes, I know I’m late…again) I will be sharing with you all a rough-draft-ish vignette I wrote for Wind.

This was written before I had actually planned out or even thought about Saga of Fourteen. I just had an image in my head of a boy with white hair that constantly whirled about as if in wind. So I wrote it. I think it is still quite good, and you will be able to see that I based the final one on it.

The wind was in his hair.
Even now, while he and I huddled under a rock in protection from the wolves, his hair still spun about wildly.
The only time I had ever seen his hair still was in the midst of a turbulent wind.
I had nevers een anyone remotely similar to him.
He turned and looked at me. His grey eyes searched deep into mine.
“It might be safe now.”
We stepped out from under the rock carefully. After I had lookec around for a moment, I straightened my back.
“I don’t see any.”
He relaxed slightly, but continued glancing around.
In a moment, we headed off in the direction we had been going before the attack.
A few minutes into our walk, a wolf burst out of the trees on our left. One second I saw The Boy with Wind in his Hair turn in a reflex, and the next the wolf was on the ground twenty feet awa. The Boy was standing in a different place. I thought I could see a faint whisp of steam or smoke rising from his hand, but in a moment it was gone and I was left wondering if it had ever been there.
His hair was still.
He was bent over slightly and panting. His brow was lightly damp.
He clenched his fists and snapped his neck upward. His hair blew around suddenly in a fury. He lowered his head and stood up straighter. His hair was tossing around gently.
I looked down the path the way we had come, towards the prostrate wolf. It stirred, got up, and looked at us for a moment. I feared it would come at us again. But it merely trotted off into the woods.
“Come on,” He said. “When he took a step forward, it looked as though his feet never touched the ground.
But that might have just been what I thought I saw.

As you can see, I wrote it in a weird style of 1st person POV. I’m not too sure about that, but you will see another instance of it in the next Saga of Fourteen special. (I think that’s what I’m going to call these.

You can see a few instances of where I got inspired from this vignette. The way that he threw his hair back into motion (or something) is quite similar to how Fire starts to use his power.


I’m also going to share with you a page from one of my notebooks, which is covered in notes about the Saga. Not too many spoilers, though. And those that are there you probably won’t get until after you’ve read the entire thing.

Anyway, here it is!



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