A few slight plan changes…

As I mentioned in a post a few weeks ago, the supposed “short story” I was working on was seeming longer than I meant it to be.

Well, it is. I’m going to be putting it on here in two parts, and haven’t even finished the first part yet. With any luck, it might be longer than some of my novelettes.

But that isn’t the only change. Oh no. I have decided that the new saga I mentioned in the same post I will actually write for NaNoWriMo, as one story in thirteen parts, each consisting of about five or so chapters (as I plan, anyway). So it should be pretty long, but I should be cranking it out in the month of November. Before then, I’m going to work on finishing the “short story” (heh heh) and finish planning the saga.

Sorry for the influx of non-fiction posts recently! But don’t worry, I should be getting Part One of [to be named] up soon!


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